10 of the Quirkiest Wedding Ideas You’ve Never Heard of

Groom making funny face while bride pulls his tieFunny wedding ideas are becoming more and more common as individuals want to give their guests one of the most memorable moments of their lives. No longer is it enough for the bride and groom to remember their big day, but they don’t want their guests to forget either and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So that brings us to 10 of the most uniquely themed weddings that you have probably never seen before (or maybe you have). It is these creative wedding ideas that most likely gave the guests something that they will never forget:

  1. The Doctor Who wedding – Doctor Who is popular among many. Factor in the Tardis, which looks like a telephone booth, and the Doctor’s wardrobe and you can end up with something quite fun. Bring about elements of past Doctor Who episodes and dress your groomsmen up as past Doctors and guests are bound to have a blast. Whether or not you opt for a Dalek or two is up to you. If you are a fan of any TV show, you can definitely make that your wedding theme.
  2. Minecraft – Minecraft is something that is seen on a lot of little boys’ birthday cakes, but now it is a creative wedding idea. If you love Minecraft and you just so happened to bond with your future spouse because of your love of the game, then this may be the theme for you.
  3. Masks – In one wedding a very bold fashion statement was made when all of the groomsmen and bridesmaids were required to wear unicorn masks. It was simply the result of a long-running joke among the friends and family of the couple. Really, any mask will do if your bridesmaids and groomsmen are up to it.
  4. Childhood cartoon characters – Milford, MA; New Bedford; and the surrounding areas are filled with very creative people. So imagine two grown adults having a Strawberry Shortcake or Hello Kitty wedding. It has happened and it will continue to happen. Although the characters are well-known, this still falls under uniquely themed weddings.
  5. Fairy Tales – If you have the budget, you can model your wedding after a fairy tale. Imagine being Wendy and your Peter Pan sweeps you up off your feet. Dress your wedding party up as the Lost Boys and your bridesmaids up as fairies and you have a very fun theme that will never be forgotten.
  6. Star Wars or Star Trek – If you are a Star Wars fan or a Trekkie, then you can’t go wrong here. There are definitely plenty of costumes out there that can be integrated into this type of wedding. You can even dress your flower girl and ring bearer up as Ewoks.
  7. Pixar’s Up – This is actually a very beautiful creative wedding idea. If you remember Up, you may recollect that it was a very colorful movie full of pastels and that there were a lot of balloons involved. You can mimic those colors and integrate stylish balloons or decorative balloon-like lamps that hang from the ceiling into the theme. This is something that can also go over quite well at the reception.
  8. Nintendo – If you share a love for old school Nintendo games, then a Super Mario Bros. theme may be what you need. If you loved Tetris, then you can make the wedding a lot of fun for you and the guests as they solve puzzles throughout the big event.
  9. Internet memes – Give the bridesmaids and the groomsmen enlarged prints of Internet memes that they can carry around the aisle. At the reception, have them all over the walls. This is a way to get a huge laugh from the guests, as well as add a lighthearted touch to the wedding.
  10. The zombie wedding – Everyone is crazy about zombies these days, so it only makes sense to require everyone to dress up as the walking dead as the couple starts a new life together. At this type of wedding, there is certainly not a shortage of fake blood, circles under the eyes, and whatever else anyone has to dish out in order to complete the day.

These are just some funny wedding ideas that have been implemented by other couples. If you have your own and you know you will have fun with it and that your guests will have a blast, go for it. It is your big day and you can do what you want to make it special.


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