101 Things to Remember: Planning a Reception in New England

101-things-to-rememberHave you ever helped plan a wedding reception? There are so many things that must be worked into the schedule, planned out ahead of time, considered and gone over, that it can become quite overwhelming. While there aren’t really 101 things that you need to remember, there are a lot of things happening all at once. When it comes to thinking about all of the wedding reception activities, decorations, cake styles, themes, wedding party clothes, floral arrangements and extras that are required to properly stage a wedding reception, it can be easy to overlook some of the most basic and important elements. To prevent you from forgetting some of these essential things for your wedding reception in Milford, MA, we have compiled a short list of must-have items that you want to at least consider and work into your schedule for your very special day.

Record the Special Moments
One of the things that many couples overlook is the importance of recording the day. Some will just put out disposable cameras and hope that guests take shots that they can use in their wedding book that will feature at least some of the special moments from the reception. Instead of leaving it to chance, it is in your best interest to hire a professional. Consider getting a professional photographer for the ceremony and reception, as well as a videographer, who can create a special Wedding Day video that you can look back on and enjoy. Think about whether you want guests to record a special message to you or if you just want an overview recording of the day’s events. Talk with vendors about renting a photo booth as well, to allow guests to take photos throughout the wedding reception in Milford, MA that will be collected into an online gallery for you to choose from and print.

BONUS TIP – Also consider using a professional for all of the other major events that you doing while getting ready for your big day and planning a reception in New England. Cake tastings, engagement parties, bridal showers, dress shopping – all of these events can be remembered forever through photography or be recorded by a videographer.

Take Time to Consider the Bar
When it comes to making plans for and figuring out how to stage a wedding reception, what are your thoughts on the bar? Will you have an open bar or a cash bar? Will you provide drink tickets to keep the indulgence to a minimum or will you serve just a single signature drink to your guests during the party? When planning wedding reception activities, make sure to keep the bar in mind. Some couples choose not to have alcohol served at their event, outside of the customary champagne toast, while others include the bar setting as part of their must-have list for a wedding reception in Milford, MA. Speak with the event coordinator about what you want with regard to alcoholic drinks to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

Writing Your Own Vows
When asked what their biggest regret was about making plans for a wedding, most couples said that they wished they had made time to write their own vows. While the traditional vows really encompass all that you are promising to one another, many couples make it more personal by adding in bits and pieces of their “story” together, the journey they have made throughout their relationship. Others like to encompass part of their faith into the vows and carry that theme throughout the entire wedding reception activities. Whatever it is that has brought you two together, to make you closer and get you to the altar, consider including it when you are planning a reception in New England and think about making it be a part of your vows.

Comfortable Shoes
Let’s face it, wedding shoes are designed to look good, not feel good. If you have plans on dancing the night away with your new spouse, you may want to think about getting some comfortable shoes to wear. Some cute ideas that we have seen when helping brides to stage a wedding reception over the years include baskets of flip-flops for the bridal party to wear while dancing or comfortable dancing shoes as part of the party gifts that were given to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Other ideas include going barefoot, although that can get a bit dangerous if your partner isn’t a great dancer, or just wearing socks. Make sure you think about your comfort so you won’t start off your new life together with blisters and sore feet!

Control the Activities
It can be important to make sure that your wedding reception activities are properly planned and controlled throughout the afternoon or evening to ensure that everything you want done and included is able to happen. There’s nothing worse than planning a reception in New England to include a special dance or activity, only to have it get preempted by delays. Too many guests wanting to make toasts or long-winded well-wishers can really take up a lot more time than you might think. When you stage a wedding reception, make sure to write out all of the wedding reception activities that you want included and think about how long it will take to complete each one. Work with the on-site wedding coordinator at The Crystal Room for insider tips and hints that can help you get it all under control.

BONUS TIP – Consider creating a “schedule” for guests using chalkboard designs or other menu-style displays that specifically state what will happen and when. That way your guests will see “toast from the best man” or “toast from the father of the bride” and know that the toasting isn’t open to all.

Plan Your Wedding Reception in Milford, MA
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