18 Wedding Favor Ideas

small wedding favor boxesWedding favors give weddings a nice touch. After the ceremony, there are wedding favors that can be handed out as guests move on to the reception and there are favors that can be handed out at the reception. There are many different wedding favor ideas out there that both you and your guests will enjoy.

Here are some unique wedding favors that your guests will absolutely love:

  1. Personalized lip balm – This is a favor that is great for winter weddings and one that guests will greatly appreciate.
  2. Jar of jam favors – Nearly everyone loves jam, so they will appreciate a jar of jam to take home with them.
  3. Water bottles – Metal water bottles make for unique wedding favors and useful ones. They can be personalized to memorialize the date of the big event.
  4. Sunglasses – Sunglasses are something that people use all of the time, but they are unique wedding favors for a summer outdoor wedding. For those not already wearing sunglasses, they will be very thankful for the eye protection.
  5. Coffee beans – Most people love coffee and they love coffee beans in pouches that show the names of the bride and groom and the date of the big day. They can then take them and have them ground or grind them at home if they have a coffee grinder.
  6. Salt water taffy – Salt water taffy is something that is enjoyed by most people. They will appreciate the sweet treat in a personalized package.
  7. Small plants in small pots or tea cups – If you plan on using place cards for the reception, write the name of the individual on the side of a small flower pot, tin, or tea cup and plant small flowers in them. Not only do the guests know where to sit, but they can take it with them. Not only is this a unique wedding party favor idea, but it is also an eco-friendly party favor.
  8.  Journals – Many people love journals and mini journals make great party favors. Perhaps the guest can write about the big day or they can write anything they want within their journal.
  9. Hangover kits – If there is going to be alcohol served at the party, then hangover kits will be a hit. These kits consist of a bottle of water and other items that are elegantly packaged.
  10. Local honey in cute containers – One of the tastiest wedding party favors ideas is local honey in cute containers. For those who love honey, they will appreciate this favor.
  11. Shot glasses – Many people collect shot glasses, so they will appreciate receiving one from your wedding. Even if they don’t collect them, these little gems will still be greatly appreciated.
  12. Charity donations – Give each guest a card that says ‘in lieu of a wedding favor, a donation has been made” and name the organization the donation was made to. This is a unique wedding favor idea that is becoming more mainstream.
  13. Tiny jar pies – Small pies in a jar are becoming popular. They are tasty and presented in a very attractive package.
  14. Soaps – You can have soaps enclosed in personalized boxes made and have those handed out to your guests.
  15. Seed paper – This is one of the most unique wedding party favor ideas you can come across. Rather than give a package of seeds, seed paper is paper that you can plant. The catch, however, is to make sure you are not getting married in a park that has rules about how seeds should be handled when on the property.
  16. Flip flops – Have personalized flip flops available for those needing to give their feet a break. The ladies wearing heels will especially appreciate this.
  17. Alcohol – Small bottles of booze tend to excite some. Simply hang a tag around the bottle that states where it came from (the wedding).
  18. Homemade granola – One of the tastiest wedding party favor ideas, you can make your own granola, box it up in personalized boxes, and your guests will greatly appreciate it.

There are so many wedding favor ideas out there and you can also use your own idea to create the perfect favor for the perfect day. Take into consideration the time of year you are having the wedding, your personal preference, and the likes of your friends and family.