4 Small Ways to Make Your Business Meetings Much More Productive

Business meetingA productive business meeting is one that sees results and that is why it is important to do everything possible to ensure the business meeting is everything it needs to be. Whether you are meeting with your own employees or you are meeting with another company that could become a client, it is important to do everything you can to make the meeting productive.

Here are four small ways that can have a very large impact on your meeting:

1.    Use concise language that conveys what you are trying to say

The language that is used during a meeting is very important. Telling people that you are having a meeting to look at a problem causes focus on the problem and who created the problem rather than looking for solutions. For instance, you may have an annual meeting at a corporate meeting venue to focus on the things that are great and the issues that need addressed. When it comes to problems, use problem-solving language. Saying things such as, “How can we grow our client base?” rather than “we are not performing the way that we should” can make a difference in how people respond.

2.    Be upfront about what your goals are

Don’t “beat around the bush” when relaying what you want. Instead, simply say what you mean, but do it in a way that they won’t read in a negative way. Leaders have a tendency to string people along. You have an answer to a situation and you want your staff to buy into it, but you frame the meeting as a chance for people to share ideas. If you have an answer, share that answer rather than getting more input that could further confuse the situation. This is something that wastes time and energy.

In a good meeting, you agree on how a decision is going to be made right from the beginning. If people have a chance at influencing the decision, let them know. If you simply want feedback on the best thinking of the moment, then ask people to tell you what is right about that thinking and then what is wrong with it.

3.    Capitalize on bad ideas

Bad ideas are not necessarily a waste. When determining how to have a successful business meeting, look at the bad ideas that have been received so far. Since a lot of meetings are about brainstorming ideas in a productive environment, there are many ways of messing the entire ordeal up. If you don’t set a good climate of trust and openness, then all of the pieces people need in order to fully engage their brains are going to fall apart. Ideas are going to be suppressed.

Leaders have a tendency to ask for the ‘good ideas,” which immediately causes the entire room to clam up. If a facilitator tells the group that there are “no bad ideas,” then that just makes it worse because that bad idea may not get written down. That ruins the trust.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of bad ideas out there, but smart leaders are going to know how to have a successful business meeting by constructing a scene that enables them to learn and use the “yes, and” language. When someone throws out an idea, it should be acknowledged and built upon. There’s almost always something that can be pulled out of an idea, even if it is bad.

4.    Check the meeting time

There are some business meetings that are an all day event and that is why a corporate meeting venue is needed. This is something that occurs in Massachusetts all of the time because of the type of businesses it is home to. These meetings are necessary to outline accomplishments and to set goals. If the meeting is short, then it should be set in a way that respects peoples’ time. If it is to be a couple of hours long or all day, then the meeting goers need to have plenty of notice so they can plan accordingly. If their minds aren’t on something that they need to do that day, the staff members at that meeting will be more productive. In fact, the entire meeting will be more productive.


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