5 Survival Tips for Your Winter Wedding

winter wedding photo in snowThe Massachusetts winters can be quite cold, which is why winter weddings are typically held indoors. However, winter is the time for couples to take advantage of off-season discounts on dresses, decorations, and other wedding goods. Vendor and venue availability also increases because most weddings occur between the spring and the fall, and even the honeymoon can be less expensive because it is off-peak season.

In other words, a cheap winter wedding is going to be more than possible. What you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on in the summer is going to cost you a lot less in the winter. The big difference, however, is the fact that the winter is a bit different because the days are shorter, the weather can be highly unpredictable, and the Christmas season also takes place in the winter.

Here are some winter wedding tips to help you have the best possible winter wedding:

1.    Have the wedding earlier in the day so there is more daylight.

The days become shorter when the clocks fall back and that means a need to make sure everything is done earlier. This is also going to help you when it comes to photographs because you want to ensure that there is ample sunlight for those outdoor winter wedding photos. If there is snow on the ground, those photos are going to be more beautiful than ever, but your photographer needs to take the pictures at a time when the sunlight and the snow are going to do well together.

2.    Be mindful of the fact there may be bad weather.

Bad weather means that there may be bad traffic. It is important to leave extra time for you to travel once you leave. You must also keep in mind that your guests need to travel as well. Don’t be surprised if some people cannot come if the roads are bad, but don’t let that put a damper on your wedding.

3.    Dress for bad weather.

It may be best for you to dress at the winter wedding venue. The reason is because bad weather outside may not be kind to your dress or your shoes .That also means you can dress warm on your way to your winter wedding venue rather than freeze yourself. If you are having your wedding photos taken outside in snow, then it is important to have a cover up that matches your dress. This cover up will keep your arms warm and also look beautiful in the snow. When it is time for your bridesmaids and your maid of honor to have their photos taken outside, cover ups that go with their dresses can help them stay warm. You could even give your wedding a unique winter twist and have everyone wear boots.

4.    Holiday decorations and lights make great backdrops for photos.

If you have your wedding photos taken in plenty enough time, it may be possible to move to a public location where there are decorations and Christmas lights. If not, you can create a Christmas scene of your own in the background. There are many couples that pull off cheap winter weddings by using a Christmas theme since Christmas decorations are available and relatively inexpensive.

5.    Make sure you have a warm location.

Your winter wedding venue should be an indoor one. Trying to have a winter wedding outside can be very difficult for you and the groom and it can be difficult on your guests. In fact, guests may not come if they think they are going to be very cold throughout the ceremony. When you choose a winter wedding venue that specializes in weddings, then you can opt for packages that meet your needs and you can ensure that you and your guests are warm from the start of the ceremony until the end of the reception.

So consider these winter wedding tips when planning your wedding. And remember that a cheap winter wedding is very possible since everything is in the off-season. It is good to write down your ideas, start pricing everything, and put it together from there so that you can have the wedding that you have always dreamed of.


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