7 Things to Remember When Hiring a Wedding DJ in Milford, MA

Music has become the soundtrack of our lives. Many people can just hear a song and instantly remember where and when they heard it and why it has special meaning to them. That is why learning how to hire a DJ for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, may just be one of the most important skills to have for this very special event. From the first wedding dance of the bride and groom all the way to the final tunes, having the right DJ for your big day should be near the top of your planning list.

This article features the seven most important things that you must remember when hiring a DJ for your wedding party in New England. If you want to make sure that you get the best wedding reception songs and the music that will help make your special day even more memorable, take note and don’t forget these insider tips when you hire a DJ to play at your wedding reception.

#1 – Get It in Writing
Hiring a DJ should be like hiring any other professional service for your wedding reception. It is important to get a legal, written contract to ensure the reliability and professionalism of the disc jockey you hire to provide the best wedding reception songs and entertainment. A contract will set in stone the date, time and place of your event to guarantee that the DJ will be there and outlines all of the obligations and agreed upon terms that have been discussed throughout the hiring process. Using a contract is a sign of professionalism and any DJ who does not use a written contract should not be considered for your wedding reception.

#2 – Meet Your DJ in Person
It is important to know who the DJ is that will be performing at your wedding party in New England. In many cases, the person you speak with on the phone or meet for the initial interview is not the actual disc jockey that will be playing music for your wedding dance. Make sure to ask the person that you meet with whether or not they are the person who will be working as the DJ on your wedding day. If not, request a meeting with the actual DJ. This is an important part of the process, as you will need to feel comfortable with the disc jockey so you can feel confident in their skills, personality and performance on your special day.

#3 – Do an Actual Interview
When it comes to learning how to hire a DJ for your Milford, Massachusetts wedding reception, it is important to actually interview the individual you are considering to ensure that they meet your expectations. Ask questions about how long they have been working as a DJ and how many weddings they have done. Find out if they have any formal training and if they have attended a DJ school. Find out if the DJ has played at your reception hall before. A DJ that is familiar with your reception site can be a real advantage.

#4 – Extra Duties
Some DJs are happy to perform a variety of different duties throughout your wedding reception, while others might not be comfortable taking on more tasks. For example, you will likely need someone to make announcements, such as “it’s time to cut the cake” or to announce the father-daughter wedding dance. Some DJs are happy to play announcer or emcee during your wedding, but some feel they don’t have a professional speaking voice or might not have experience speaking on a microphone in front of a large crowd.

#5 – Life of the Party
Some wedding receptions are crazy, wild and entertaining beyond belief. However, some receptions can get a little boring, particularly if the crowd isn’t motivated. Ask your DJ what he would do to handle the situation if nobody is dancing or if the party seems to be waning. Some will use the microphone to get everyone excited and moving, while others have a list of the best wedding reception songs designed to get people on the dance floor. It is important to know what the DJ would do if this situation occurs and give you a chance to discuss how you would like it handled.

#6 – Always Get References
Sometimes the only way to know what you’re getting is to speak with former wedding reception clients to find out about their experience with your prospective DJ. Also, ask the DJ if you can see him in action at a performance at another wedding party in New England. In this case, you should hope that the DJ declines your request. Would you want him bringing other possible clients to your wedding to eat your food and dance with your guests? A professional DJ should protect the privacy of his clients and not bring prospective clients to their special event under any circumstances.

#7 – Selecting the Music
Make sure to ask the DJ how up-to-date his music collection is to ensure that all the best wedding reception songs and your special couple song will be played for your wedding dance. Many DJs subscribe to music update services, which provide them with new, radio-edited music to use at events. Make sure to ask for music submission deadlines to ensure that the songs you request will be available for your wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts. Ask about a “do not play” list that can be created to prevent songs you don’t like from being played or even requested by guests.

While there are many other things to consider when you are learning how to hire a DJ, these are definitely the most important. Other details, such as what the DJ will be wearing, the deposit required to secure the date for your wedding reception, the total cost for the event, liability insurance, a back-up plan in case the DJ gets sick or injured, etc. should all be ironed out during the contract phase of the hiring process. Ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you are hiring the best possible DJ for your wedding party in New England.