8 Alternative Wedding Ideas for the Cultured Bride

mugs and cinnamon sticks with an orange sliceNot every bride is the traditional bride and that means not every wedding is the traditional wedding.

Let’s look at the traditional wedding versus the alternative wedding:

The traditional wedding usually occurs in a church or outside. The bride walks down the aisle to an altar or where the pastor and the groom stand. There are flowers everywhere, a guestbook at the entrance, the bridesmaids are wearing the traditional bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen are wearing the usual tuxedo with the bowtie. When looking at the bride and groom, she is wearing the typical, but very beautiful wedding dress, and the groom is wearing his tux.

Traditional weddings are beautiful and that’s exactly what many brides want. In fact, that is what many brides dream of.

However, there is another type or bride and that is the alternative bride that dreams of something more than tradition. Some integrate tradition into something the guests have never seen before, while others go all out for an event that will probably never be duplicated because it is so extreme. Sometimes the alternative aspect can be small and other times it can be very loud.

Here are some of those quirky alternative wedding ideas that you may want to consider if you are the more alternative type:

1.    Balloon save the dates

This is a cute idea when you want them to remember the big day. You send a balloon on a card that tells them to inflate it in order to see the date. When the balloon is blown up, they can see when the wedding will be taking place and they can mark it on their calendar. This is a nice alternative way to ensure your guests don’t forget the big day.

2.    Fingerprint guestbook

Every wedding has the guestbook. Many times, they sit on a pedestal at the entrance and everyone signs their name. In this case, everyone signs with their fingerprint and nothing else. Different colors of ink can be used to create a very colorful effect. While there will be no names, you will have the most unique part of each person and you can count the fingerprints to see who attended.

3.    Vodka shot glass table plan

This one is more for the reception, but you fill shot glasses with flavored vodka and each shot glass has a guest’s name on it so that they know where they are supposed to sit. In addition to this neat glass that they can keep, they get a nice tasty alcoholic drink to start the reception out with.

4.    Table game centerpieces

If you are into tabletop family games, then a table game centerpiece is going to be fantastic. Consider something like Hungry Hungry Hippos or Monopoly that is easy for everyone at the table to reach. This is a great way for all of the guests to really get into the fun. Plus, it is a great icebreaker among the conjoining families.

5.    Plants as wedding favors

If you are into the green movement, then you may want to give away small plants or trees to each guest so that they can contribute a little to the environment. In fact, you can have an alternative wedding completely based around being environmentally friendly. This is becoming one of the most popular alternative wedding ideas as couples integrate recyclables into their weddings, reducing their carbon footprints.

6.    Everything but normal

From the wedding to the reception, you can do everything but normal when it comes to your alternative wedding. Maybe the bride can decorate her dress in neon colors and wear neon tennis shoes, while the groom does the same with his tux and shoes. In fact, the entire wedding party can be quite colorful and the decorations can be a reflection of this. The bride can then dance down the aisle rather than walk, making the wedding one big dance party.

7.    What wedding cake?

One alternative wedding idea is to totally skip out on the wedding cake and do something difference. Maybe a doughnut wedding cake would be up your alley? This “cake” can consist of different colors of doughnuts so everyone can enjoy.

8.    Tea towel invitations

Instead of leaving a paper trail, tea towel invitations can be reused again and again by those that are invited. The towels also make a great keepsake that won’t disintegrate or be easily destroyed like paper.

So here you have some excellent alternative wedding ideas to make your wedding stand out in the minds of your guests.


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