8 Cool Ideas to Decorate a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

decorating-ideasReception decorations in Massachusetts can get a bit pricey and out of hand if you don’t have a game plan for your wedding party in New England. One of the best ways to reduce the cost for decorating your wedding reception, is to choose a venue for your wedding after-party that already has a lot of charm and character. The Crystal Room is a premier venue that was recently renovated in 2014 and was designed to be a classically beautiful place to host a variety of formal events, including wedding receptions, anniversary parties, corporate dinners and other occasions that require a great-looking facility.

In addition to providing you with a well-designed venue for your wedding reception in Milford, MA, The Crystal Room provides couples with a complete package that includes the use of our professional event planner, a four-course dinner, cake cutting services and a whole lot more. This all-inclusive package makes it easy for you to focus on your big day and gives you assistance in choosing the best wedding reception decorations in Massachusetts that will coordinate with your theme, signature or seasonal wedding colors.

Idea #1 – Fabric is Fun
If you would like to create a dramatic effect for your fairytale wedding, consider adding a little fabric. Instead of out-of-the-box decorations, using fabric in your own personal or seasonal wedding colors to create an elegant backdrop is a great way to really customize the look and feel of your wedding party in New England. Drape the ceilings, the walls, entrances and special areas throughout the venue. Choose basic white or off-white colors, as well as pastels and muted versions of your wedding colors to accent the entire event and create a dreamy effect.

Idea #2 – Nix Seating Cards
Instead of using traditional seating cards, consider creating a “seating board” that will show guests where they are to sit during your wedding reception in Milford, MA. Choose a backdrop that will go with your theme – some brides are using a chalkboard with beautiful calligraphy writing or a fabric bulletin board, while others are using theme-specific items, such as burlap for a country wedding or floral patterns for a shabby chic theme. Use online resources to look for unique ideas that can be incorporated into your reception decorations in Massachusetts.

Idea #3 – Unique Guestbooks
Another great way to really customize your wedding reception is to offer unique guestbooks for your friends and family to sign. One option is to use wedding reception photo booths and offer guests the use of a dry erase or chalkboard to write wedding wishes and advice in the pictures. Video messages, photo boards and other non-traditional guestbooks are also gaining in popularity. Incorporate seasonal wedding colors and themes to coordinate with the overall look and feel of your wedding party in New England for best results.

Idea #4 – Light Up the Hall
One way to add a touch of class and elegance to any theme for reception decorations in Massachusetts is to use light to your advantage. LED candles, table lamps, rope lighting, twinkle lights and other options can even be strategically used as centerpieces to help accentuate your wedding reception in Milford, MA instead of flowers or other traditional items. Not only will it save you money on more costly decorations, but it will also create a very clean look and feel while adding ambiance to the entire room.

Idea #5 – Dried Flowers
Who says you need to have fresh flowers at your wedding party in New England? Many brides – especially those who are choosing a shabby chic, country or Victorian theme – have embraced the idea of using dried flowers, leaves and herbs. Lavender and rosemary will add a beautiful scent to the air and dried rose petals, sprigs of baby’s breath and other popular wedding blooms tied with elegant ribbons or fabric, can add a touch of beauty to guest tables, the bridal table and other areas throughout your reception.

Idea #6 – Unique Glassware
While most brides put a lot of focus on choosing the best plates, napkins and other elements for the table, one of the most overlooked options is the glassware. Choose unique glassware, either colored or theme oriented, to really make a big impact. One popular trend is to use mason jars that have been painted or stained in the bride’s personal or seasonal wedding colors. These can be coordinated with linens and centerpiece decorations to create a lovely effect at your wedding reception in Milford, MA.

Idea #7 – Decorative Table Runners
Another way to make basic white or simple table linens pop or coordinate better with your seasonal wedding colors and theme for your wedding party in New England is to use decorative table runners. Special fabrics, such as burlap, floral patterns and even shiny materials, are a great way to add your signature on the reception decorations in Massachusetts without having to spend a lot of money. Hand-decorated runners, designed and created by the bridal party, can be a fun shower or pre-wedding activity and will create runners that can be kept or shared as a memento of the big day.

Idea #8 – Photos, Photos, Photos
We live in a very visual world and today’s couples will typically have a lot more photos of themselves together than couples from just a generation ago. Use those photos – of your first date, your engagement and other special events – to decorate the hall for your wedding reception in Milford, MA. Hang photos with clips or clothes pins from wires or lines at the entrance, near the wedding cake or as a backdrop to the wedding party table. Print multiple copies of favorite images to use with centerpieces or to place at the gift and cake tables. Remember, this day is designed to celebrate you and your love – why not share your important moments with your guests?

For more ideas and reception decorations in Massachusetts that you can use at your wedding reception at The Crystal Room in Milford, MA, contact our event coordinators direct by calling 508-478-7800. We can schedule an appointment with you to walk our property and discuss your plans or help you set a date for your big event. Give us a call today to find out about all of our included and extra services available to help make your big day a very memorable occasion.