8 Great Winter Wedding Ideas

Wedding dress and winter wedding themeWinter is upon us and that means winter weddings. If you are having a winter wedding, then now is the time to either start your planning or to take the planning a little further. There are many unique winter wedding ideas that you can make your own and some of the following may help you get started.

Wedding Colors

Reds, greens, silvers, and golds are some of the most frequently used winter wedding colors. However, you don’t want to overdo any of these color combos or it may seem like your wedding is more holiday-oriented than anything. If you want a holiday-themed wedding, then that is fine. However, many brides and grooms want their weddings to be independent from the holidays, yet they want to take advantage of the wedding colors.

This may be the time that you take the less-is-more approach to the winter wedding color palette. Silver and white with some crystal accents could be rather glamorous without overdoing it. For your ceremony, you can try a white velvet aisle runner with some satin ribbon trim. You can even decorate the alter with a crystal curtain backdrop that contains some winter flowers. For party favors, give out clear umbrellas if you will be going outside after the ceremony.


When you have chosen your wedding colors, it is time to look at invitations. Because winter weddings are typically indoors, the invitations tend to be more formal. Heavy cardstock and colors, such as chocolate brown and navy blue are very elegant. Eggplant with some calligraphy can also be nice. Color choices will help you set a formal tone for your winter wedding. If you want to get really unique, then you can try some frosted Plexiglas invitations with the text written in scripted ink. These make for sturdy invites that your guests can have as keepsakes for the long-term.

Winter Wedding Flowers

The winter wedding flowers can be some of the most difficult to decide upon because there are so many that fit the bill. You can choose from calla lilies, red roses, and amaryllis. However, you can really exercise some one-of-a-kind winter wedding ideas when it comes to your flowers. You can step outside of the box and opt for fuller flowers like hydrangeas. White tends to be a common color because of winter’s association with snow. You can surround flowers with greenery, but ribbon tends to be a favored accent. You can also add sparkle to bouquets and flower arrangements by wrapping the stems in ribbon that is covered in crystals. Glitter can also make for a good accent on white flowers.

Reception Centerpieces

You can go beyond the candles in this case and add romance and warmth through ice-carved vases, frosted vases, vases filled with winter-white branches, hanging crystals, and much more. You can then use votive candles to surround centerpieces, especially if those centerpieces reflect light.

Winter Wedding Music

The music is important. Of course, you can choose what you want, but classical music is popular for winter weddings. If you want a variety of music in a classic way, have a capella quartet sing some pop and jazz tunes in order to set a festive tune. If you want to stick with classical, then you can hire a cellist play at your reception.

Escort Cards

Placing the cards in little sleighs can be very cute. However, you can leave everyone in awe by having the cards calligraphed in silver ink and attach them by ribbon to individual crystals. There are many neat winter wedding ideas that you can opt for, but this one will certainly make the guests feel very special. Of course, you can do what you like.

The Cake

The cake is a very important one, as you will want it to reflect the winter wedding theme. A wedding cake that is trimmed in winter colors and topped with roses can be nice, but vintage-style cakes can be rather breathtaking. There is even edible silver powder that cakes can be dusted with to add that silvery snow effect.


Lastly, the favors may take some thoughts, but chocolate covered cherries or cranberries can be a nice touch. You may even want to hand out some chestnuts and serve hot chocolate after the ceremony.

As you can see, there are many winter wedding ideas that can keep you out of the realm of holiday wedding themes, unless you want a holiday wedding. Nonetheless, there are many ideas out there and you may even have some of your own so that your day can be everything you want it to be and more.


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