8 of the Worst Ideas for Bridesmaid Dresses in Hopkinton

We’ve all heard the horror stories of the ugly bridesmaids dresses and by now, most would-be brides have seen the Katherine Heigl movie “27 Dresses” to see how those horrible dresses can turn out. Hollywood movies aside, we have compiled a list of the eight worst ideas for bridesmaid dresses in the hopes that you will avoid making these mistakes and alienating your friends and family members through bad fashion choices.

#1 – The Puffy Sleeves
Some might think that puffy sleeves went out somewhere in the late 1980s, but the truth is that there are still some brides out there that think these look cute or darling. Also known as balloon sleeves, this fashion faux pas makes it nearly impossible to get close to anyone in the wedding party photo, much less dance with anyone at the reception. About the only good thing that comes from wearing bridesmaid dresses in Hopkinton with puffy sleeves is that they can quickly double for a hanky if anyone cries during the ceremony… or if you need airbags on the limo ride to the church.

#2 – Head Pieces
While the bride will generally wear a veil, a crown of flowers or a tiara of sorts, there’s absolutely no reason to force head pieces onto your bridesmaids. It doesn’t matter what type of theme weddings you are considering, there’s no reason to assume that you should send your bridesmaids down the aisle wearing something akin to wedding reception decor on their heads. Avoid decorating them with flowers, hats, hoods, birds nests or any other wacky thing that crosses your mind. Keep it simple – basic up-dos, pony tails, buns or natural hair styles look best.

#3 – Super Short Skirts
There are only a few women on the planet that can pull off a super short skirt, but to put a group of your best friends, sisters and other family members into teeny, tiny short skirted dresses is just asking for trouble. Think about the body types of your bridesmaids before you pick a dress that would require everyone to be a size 2 with a huge bust and legs like a supermodel. Also think about the venue. These are bridesmaid dresses for Hopkinton, Massachusetts – not New York City or Los Angeles.

#4 – Crazy Necklines
Not only is it wrong to make your girls put their “girls” out on display for the sake of your wedding, but it’s also a little messed up to have them do so at a ceremony where there’s likely to be a religious figure officiating or someone’s grandparents. Unless they are fitted for each and every girl specifically according to her gifts, strapless gowns, plunging necklines and other crazy revealing tops should be avoided like the plague. Try to pick dresses that won’t become x-rated the moment that you throw the bouquet.

#5 – Weird Accessories
Apart from the strange head pieces, there sure seems to be a lot of weird accessories available for today’s bridesmaids. From insanely high or ornate heels to miles of bangles and earrings that look more like art than wearable jewelry, bridesmaids have really put up with a lot. Remember that every add-on you choose to require your girls to wear adds on extra costs for things that they will likely never ever wear or use again.

#6 – Totally Tan
While this isn’t actually a dress, another mistake is to force your bridesmaids to all go and get fake tans together for your wedding day. It can be a good idea to add a little bit of color, particularly during the sun-less winter months, but you don’t want your wedding colors to clash with your bridesmaids or for them to get so orange that they look like they just escaped from Willy Wonka’s factory. A natural look is always better than anything fake you could require.

#7 – Theme Weddings
While the term “theme wedding” isn’t always a bad thing, there have been some pretty bad themes chosen by brides over the years, which usually culminate in the physical manifestation of the bridesmaid dresses. A Southern-theme wedding that features floor length Southern Belle style dresses is always going to be a problem for your bridesmaids, both in paying for the ornate dresses to maneuvering around in them at the wedding reception. Choose your theme weddings carefully so they don’t come back and cause a problem.

#8 – Freaky Colors
When it comes to choosing your wedding colors for bridesmaid dresses in Hopkinton, think long, hard and careful before making a decision. While hot pink and orange might be the popular colors of the day, chances are they won’t still be by the time your wedding day comes around. And besides, even if they are still popular, chances are no one wants to see that much hot pink and orange in the same room.