8 Unique Invitation Ideas for Weddings in Upton

Many couples are choosing to create unique wedding invitations that will set the tone for their wedding theme while sharing a bit of personal information about themselves at the same time. Years ago, incorporating a theme simply meant carrying the colors from your ceremony and wedding reception into your stationary. Today’s brides can choose from a variety of innovative options that will make an unforgettable impression upon friends and family.

#1 – Retro
A lot of retro things are really in style for 2013, and not just for weddings in Upton, MA. For example, pinstripes, polka dots and old-fashioned looking fonts are popping up all over the place. Find the colors and combos that best reflect your wedding theme, colors and the overall ideas for your wedding reception. Choose from fun styles that incorporate looks and styles from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, depending on your overall theme. Use a variety of font sizes to put emphasis on the most important ceremony and wedding reception information, such as the time, date and location. Look at real life examples of retro printing, such as newspapers, flyers and posters from these eras to get ideas for your wedding invitations.

#2 – Photos
A new trend in wedding stationary is to incorporate photos of you and your groom into your wedding invitations and save the date cards. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when combined with the important information about your wedding reception and ceremony, you can really express a lot of information in a limited amount of space. Your modern looking, photo-based invites will also stand out from the piles of flowery pastel and linen stationary that all the other Massachusetts brides will be using. Choose photos from your engagement photo session or get pictures taken specifically for your wedding invitations.

#3 – Bold Colors
There are a lot of bright and bold colors in vogue for 2013 brides. In addition to purple and mint green, a lot of bold rainbow colors, metallic and gem tones are also very popular. If your wedding invitations are supposed to reflect your overall wedding theme, that means that there are going to be a lot of really bright and bold invitations going out in the mail this year. If you decide to be bold with your wedding reception decor, don’t be afraid to put a little bling in your wedding stationary. Glitter, gems, multi-colored confetti and more can all help you share a little preview of your upcoming nuptials with your guests.

#4 – Nature
Another blooming trend is the use of natural fibers and decor. Birds will be a very hot wedding theme, as will other items from nature throughout the wedding reception. Choose blooms that will be used in your bouquets, centerpieces and other decorative pieces. Use pressed flowers, petals, leaves, grasses and other items that reflect the colors and styles of your wedding as embellishments on your stationary.

#5 – Packaging
There are a lot of unique packaging ideas now available for wedding invitations. For example, a wedding theme that focuses on summery beaches could feature invitations that are delivered as a message in a bottle. Your wedding invitations can also have nothing to do with the wedding theme, but can be a reflection of your interests. One example would be a couple that enjoys fishing, sending out invitations that include a tiny fishing rod with a fish on a hook that includes the details about the ceremony and wedding reception information. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative.

#6 – Comic-Style
Hiring a graphic artist to create a comic version of you and your groom for your invitations is a great way to add a genuine personal touch to your wedding stationary. Create a fun and interesting story that talks about weddings in Upton, MA and directions to your wedding reception. Or, create a comic that tells the story about how you met, your journey together, where he proposed and how you got to the altar together.

#7 – Candy
Another unique way to invite your guests to your wedding is to send them a bar of personalized chocolate or other types of candy. You can even add your names and faces to M&Ms now, selecting from just about every color in the rainbow. Have personalized candy bar wrappers printed up with information about your wedding date and directions to the wedding reception that can be put on large-sized candy bars. Ship in a pretty box for even bigger impact.

#8 – Laser Cut
With new technology available through laser cutting production, you can use colors and cut out shapes to create a very beautiful wedding invitation, save the date cards, RSVP cards and more. Use a darker color, perhaps colors that match your wedding theme, and a white or black outer layer that reveals the color on the inside. Massachusetts brides throughout the Southeastern area and the rest of the state will be trying lots of unique laser cut invitation ideas in 2013.