8 Ways to Customize and Stage Your Milford Wedding Reception

reception-stagingYou might spend as much as a half hour or more at the church for the ceremony on the day that you get married. However, a bulk of the time spent on your special day will be at the wedding reception. Therefore, it is important that you spend a lot of time thinking about how you want to stage a wedding reception and take time to consider all of the things that you will want to be included at your Milford wedding reception. Whether you choose a signature color for your wedding or opt to go more with a theme or seasonal wedding colors, it is important to check out the venue in person first so you can see what you have to work with regarding decor and staging ideas.

#1 – Pick Your Decor Based on the Venue
After you visit the site of your wedding reception, that’s when you can really start planning your Milford reception staging ideas. The Crystal Room is a premier venue that was renovated in 2014. Taking a tour of the facility will give you ideas that can be used to complement the design of the facility, which will reduce decoration costs and help you to say on your budget. Beautiful wood floors, a gorgeous crystal chandelier, ambient lighting that can be adjusted to any color scheme and basic white walls will help you to truly customize the venue and make it your own.

#2 – Consider the Lighting
Many brides don’t even think about lighting when they begin to think about how to stage a wedding reception, but lighting is very important. Dramatic ambient up-lighting can make any venue turn into an instant party room, accenting your decorations or theme and providing beautiful light that will make everyone look good. At The Crystal Room there’s no need to hire a lighting designer, as we already have the equipment in place to help you set the tone and create the ambiance for your perfect Milford wedding reception.

#3 – Choose a Theme
Everyone has gone to a wedding where a theme has been out of control. When it comes time to choose your theme, remember that it doesn’t have to be over the top, but can be as simple as embracing seasonal wedding colors and picking out a few items that reflect your own personal style or interest. Couples should consider what type of wedding reception they would like to have and then begin to stage a wedding reception around that idea. Everything from the cake to the centerpieces and even the color of the accent linens can be customized to coordinate with your theme subtly without going overboard.

#4 – Focus on the Entrance
One way to reduce decorative budgets and still make a grand impression on guests is to put the focus on areas where people will be concentrated the most. Start with the entrance to the Milford wedding reception. You can decorate with floral wreaths, garland, twinkling lights and other embellishments that set the tone for the theme of your party. Bring that same decor to other important areas, such a the cake table, bridal party table and buffet table to keep the theme going without having to decorate every inch of the reception hall.

#5 – Create a Seating Arrangement… or Not
Tradition typically calls for the couple to create a party-friendly seating arrangement for guests that will keep feuding family members and new in-laws separated in order to keep the peace. However, many brides and grooms are now hosting open seating arrangements, putting tables closer together or using banquet-style tables to ease the stress and separation that is usually felt at receptions. Just make sure you incorporate Milford reception staging ideas that will create a positive atmosphere throughout the celebration.

#6 – Use Linens to Your Advantage
One of the best ways to include seasonal wedding colors is through the use of linens. If you host your Milford wedding reception at The Crystal Room, you will be provided with basic white linens and your choice of colors for the napkins. You can also add-on chair covers and sashes in your reception colors and theme to reduce the need for fancy centerpieces while still setting an elegant table for your guests.

#7 – Favors in the Restrooms?
Yes, you heard that right – make sure to include a little something special in the restrooms for your guests to enjoy. You can go with your theme and include small vases or mason jars with tiny floral arrangements, put out baskets of sweet-smelling soaps in your seasonal wedding colors and put out a jar of wrapped mints or candies for everyone to enjoy.

#8 – Keep Track of Time
Most of plans to stage a wedding reception should be to keep the flow of the celebration moving forward. From your grand entrance in the ballroom to cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet and enjoying that first dance as man and wife, it is important to make sure that everything keeps moving so nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. Again, this is when an event coordinator can help and give you suggestions for your Milford wedding reception.

To get started with the plans for your wedding reception at The Crystal Room in Milford, MA, make sure to call us at 508-478-7800 to reserve the space, make an appointment to view the facility and meet with our professional event coordinator. We can help you stage a wedding reception to include all of your most important activities and ideas, point you to seasonal wedding colors that will enhance your theme and help you nail down all the details to create the perfect celebration for your very special day.