A Destination Wedding and a Hometown Reception in Milford, MA

Who doesn’t love to have the best of both worlds: the opportunity to have your (wedding) cake and eat it, too? One of the coolest trends in wedding planning right now is to host a destination wedding at an exotic or meaningful location, followed by a hometown reception, which allows more of your family and friends to come and congratulate you on your special day! Of course, there are lots of other amazing benefits associated with having a destination wedding, but the real difference to this type of set-up is that you come back home to host a celebration with all of your loved ones and close friends.

Destination weddings can be expensive, but if you limit the guest list to the ceremony to just your wedding party, parents, grandparents, siblings, and closest friends, it will be a lot less of a burden on your wedding budget. Everyone can come out to the special location for the ceremony and then you can jet back and host a reception the next day or even the next weekend, depending on your schedule. It’s truly a win-win opportunity that allows you to have everything you could ever want to be included for your wedding day.

Planning a Reception in New England
Compartmentalizing all of the planning for the destination wedding separately from the classic wedding reception can actually make it easier. You don’t have to worry about how to make it “flow” from the ceremony to the celebration, how long it will take guests to arrive at the reception hall from the church, or even think about making time for photos in between. The main photography can all occur at the destination ceremony, and then photos with family and friends can occur during or just before the reception. This gives you more time to spend together, enjoy some time with your bridal party, and visit with your guests at the reception.

Choosing a reception hall can be a daunting task. Finding the right location that will allow you to stage a wedding reception according to your vision can be difficult. Your best bet is to find a local venue that has ample parking and flexible party space, such as The Crystal Room in Milford, MA. In fact, we have everything you could ever need from on-site catering to a special bridal suite, a beautiful dance floor in our ballroom, and plenty of parking out front. Valet parking is available, as well as broad range of other extras that can help you have the reception you have always wanted without having to deal with the details yourself. As soon as you choose the location, make sure to put down a deposit and reserve the space.

What You Need to Do
Even if you keep your classic wedding reception simple, there are still some details that you will need to deal with to get everything set up according to plan. One of the biggest advantages associated with choosing a reception hall like The Crystal Room is that you can get on-site catering. In fact, the Custom Wedding Package includes a four-course plated meal, cake enhancement, and cake cutting services. There is even a complimentary food tasting for the bride and groom. That can be a huge relief for a couple planning a destination wedding. When it comes to drinks, there is also a champagne toast for all guests included in the package deal. However, you have the option to choose whether to serve alcoholic drinks at your reception or to stick with water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

Selecting a theme for your wedding will usually help all of the decorating, invitation sending, and other tasks sort of fall into place. For example, if your destination wedding is on a tropical island, your theme could reflect that, including tropical flower centerpieces, Hawaiian leis for all your guests, and island music played in the background during dinner service. Whatever your theme, it can be unique to you and your interests. There is no right or wrong when it comes to planning a reception in New England, it’s about you and what you want for your special day.

Entertainment is something else that you will want to discuss with the venue when you make plans to stage a wedding reception. Will you have a band or a DJ? Or, will you simply set-up a playlist on your MP3 player and ask a friend to keep an eye on it during the celebration? Ask the venue about outlets, speakers, and other audio-visual equipment. The Crystal Room has everything you need to have a beautiful wedding reception, including special lighting effects, audio equipment, and even flat panel screens that can be used to showcase photos from your destination wedding ceremony. This is a great way to incorporate your ceremony into the reception, especially for those who were unable to attend the destination wedding.

Reserve Space at The Crystal Room
If you are planning a reception in New England and are interested in learning more about choosing a reception hall or how to stage a wedding reception, give our on-site event coordinator a call by dialing 508-478-7800. We can help you set the date, reserve the space that you need for your classic wedding reception, and assist in coordinating with vendors. Call today and see why so many couples choose The Crystal Room for their special celebration.