A Modern Twist on the Classic Wedding in Dover, MA

There’s nothing wrong with having a traditional wedding. The white dress. The big church. A sit down dinner. A five tier wedding cake. A nice band. A first dance. For Dover, Massachusetts brides who want to do something different, to step outside the familiar mold of the classic wedding, you might want to do something more. Just by changing a few of the traditional elements and mixing in some modern wedding ideas, you can put a new twist on a classic wedding – and make it your own.

This article will focus on three different types of wedding receptions that you can use as a foundation for your own original, modern style wedding. Whether you decide to throw an elegant, formal affair or if you want to incorporate some theme weddings ideas, these party ideas can help you get the plans for your wedding reception underway.

The Brunch

One way to go down your own path is to have an early morning wedding ceremony followed by a brunch wedding reception. Scheduling your reception earlier in the day can sometimes give you access to additional reception venue dates compared to brides that insist on having an evening affair.

A brunch wedding reception will work any time of year, but it is particularly lovely for spring and summer weddings, when the early morning temperatures are warm and breezy. Think about early morning modern wedding ideas that will work with your brunch wedding reception theme. Theme weddings that incorporate a singular idea that works its way through the entire event from start to finish are usually a big hit with wedding guests.

As far as the menu goes, you should keep it light and simple. Serve mini quiches, French pastries, fresh fruit or feature a brunch bar with eggs, meats and other breakfast foods. To keep things fun, consider adding a breakfast cereal bar with lots of childhood favorites. Create stations for your guests to explore and enjoy, like a coffee station with hot and iced coffee selections or a juice bar with lots of flavors of fresh-squeezed delights.

Mimosas or Bloody Marys can be served if you would like some daytime cocktails. Dover, Massachusetts brides, speak with your caterer or bartender about ideas for creating a special signature drink that you can use to toast your guests and celebrate your special day. Of course, no elegant brunch would be complete without tons and tons of delicious champagne.

Cocktail Party

Another fun way to go is to have a cocktail party rather than a typical wedding reception. Keep it light, fun and serve a lot of hors d’oeuvres instead of a classic wedding meal. With guests standing around and talking, eating off of napkins or small plates, you will get to spend a lot more time moving around and mingling with friends and family than you would with everyone seated stationary at big, long tables.

Incorporate modern wedding ideas, such as food stations with chefs standing by to serve guests. Add a meat station, a pasta station, a salad station, a seafood station and a dessert station. Consider adding specialty stations, such as Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Polish, German or other types of ethnic or cultural foods. The more options you make available to guests, the more fun they’ll have getting to taste all the dishes on your menu.

A fun way to offer drinks to your guests is to create custom cocktails that express the personality or interests of you and your groom. Include drinks that reflect the season, such as spicy drinks in the fall and flowery drinks in the summer. You could even create a fun and creative menu of cocktails that are named in honor of your wedding party members.

Make sure to keep the entertainment going throughout the evening to keep the guests up, moving and interactive with your wedding reception events. Toss the bouquet, dance your first dance, enjoy all the classic wedding traditions, but incorporate new and modern wedding ideas as well. Feature a beautiful wedding cake, but also feature a fun groom’s cake that showcases his interests. Pick fun flavors that will surprise and delight your guests.

Dessert Party

Dover, Massachusetts brides: forget about vegetables and meat, if you like sweet treats, then this is the wedding reception idea for you. You can create entire theme weddings that focus entirely on sweet indulgence and decadence. Have servers walk around your wedding reception with trays of sweet drinks, miniature desserts, frozen treats and more.

Invite guests to participate and create their own fun desserts with an ice cream and toppings bar, a make-your-own cupcake station or a towering chocolate fountain with tons of goodies to dip and dunk. When it comes to the wedding cake, you can go with the traditional tower of confection, or choose to use modern wedding ideas like cupcake towers, giant sheet cakes or even a cheesecake or other non-traditional treat.

Surprise your guests with other non-traditional wedding reception entertainment, such as a live performance, a classic Big Band that also plays contemporary music. Think of other activities that can get your guests involved that will be a fun and exciting treat that goes along with your wedding theme. Magicians, clowns that make balloon animals, illusionists, dancers – the sky is the limit.

Your wedding reception decorations should also reflect your sweet treat theme. Incorporating candy colored streamers, balloons, garland and other fun decor. You could even surprise your groom with a garter belt made out of his favorite candy when he goes to retrieve it. Include candies in your bouquet, reception centerpieces and other classic wedding decor.