Adult Beverage Ideas for Wedding Reception Near Worcester, MA

Wedding Menu MassachusettsWhen planning reception menu ideas for your wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, the question will ultimately come up about adult beverages. While some couples choose to simply have an open bar or provide drink tickets to adult guests, others who are hosting a budget wedding reception might not be able to afford to serve that much alcohol to thirsty guests. To avoid paying more than you want for beer, wine, champagne, and mixed drinks, consider creating an adult beverage menu that includes the type and number of drinks that you are willing to pay for during your wedding reception near Worcester, MA.

The Custom Cocktail

This idea first became popular a few years ago, but it is still going strong today. Working with a bartender or “mixologist” to create a custom cocktail that is named after you and your spouse-to-be can be a fun way to serve drinks without paying too much. If the service staff is only serving one cocktail during the reception, you can control the costs and have a fun representation of yourselves as a couple during the party. Get inspired to create a unique drink that coordinates with the theme, season, venue, or even your wedding colors. You can still serve a champagne toast before dinner, but offer your special cocktail as an option alongside iced tea, water, lemonade, and coffee during the rest of the celebration.

The Fancy Champagne Toast

If you host your budget wedding reception at The Crystal Room, we offer an upgraded version of the champagne toast option that is included with your Custom Wedding Package. We can add a touch of class to each glass by adding a fresh strawberry to the rim of every glass of sparkling wine or bubbling champagne. This little extra item may seem small, but it can make a big difference to your guests and tie in wedding colors, seasonal decorations, and provide the maximum effect for your celebration without increasing your costs considerably.

Beer and Wine Only

Another great way to save on alcohol costs for a wedding reception near Worcester, MA is not to serve liquor, but only offer beer and wine to your guests. Most guests won’t mind, and by removing the harder alcohol from your menu, you might reduce the number of guests that require a special ride home. Offer regular and light beer, as well as white and red wine, to keep the options simple and the costs down. Coordinate alcohol service with reception menu ideas, pairing drink options with entrees and only serve the drinks during dinner. After dinner make sure to have bottled water, iced tea, and coffee available for your guests.

Multi-Tiered Flowing Beverage Fountain

A creative way to serve adult beverages at your budget wedding reception is to have a drink fountain. The Crystal Room can set up an elegant multi-tiered flowing beverage fountain for you and your guests to enjoy. Depending on the time, season, and theme, you can choose from sparkling champagne, margaritas, or mimosas. Keep the drinks flowing with unlimited drinks throughout the cocktail hour. This serves not just as a way to offer beverages to your guests, but also as a fun activity and decorative piece that will get everyone talking about your special day.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

If you and your spouse-to-be do not drink or if you want to avoid serving alcohol to ensure that everyone is sober during your budget wedding reception, you can choose to serve special non-alcoholic cocktails to your guests. Shirley Temples, Rob Roys, Arnold Palmers, and other popular beverages are a fun way to infuse flavor into your event at our wedding reception hall in Massachusetts without increasing your budget too much. Saving money on things like drinks provides you with more options for decorations and reception menu ideas that you want to include for the celebration. This is your day. Don’t be afraid to say no to that open bar if you don’t want to have it at your wedding.

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