Affordable Solutions for Classic Wedding Reception in Milford

What is a classic wedding? Many couples say that they want to stick with tradition and skip all of the trendy themes and styles, but what does it mean to host a classic wedding reception? In the simplest of terms, a classic wedding reception includes all of the things that you would expect at a wedding, but you can still put your own taste and spin on the decor. For example, you could choose seasonal wedding colors instead of the traditional black-and-white wedding, without going overboard and missing the mark. However, if you opt to skip the tiered cake, floral bouquet, and fancy dress, you might start steering away from a truly “classic” wedding theme.

Choose a Color and Theme
The best way to start planning your wedding reception in Milford, MA is to pick a color and a theme. Visit the venue that you have chosen for your celebration and figure out what will work best with the existing layout and decor. Pick something, simple, such as lace, floral, open hearts or something else that really speaks to you, and carry it throughout the entire event. Include the theme in your invitations, place cards, bouquet, cake design, favors, linens, programs, and the guest table centerpieces. You could even just choose a color and an accent color instead of a specific design, yet carry the signature hues through the decor.

Find New Ways to Save
One way to reduce costs is to find more affordable alternatives for things that you want to include. Or, in the case of flowers for the ceremony and reception, consider using real flower for the bride’s bouquet and the bridal party table at the reception, but use silk flower centerpieces throughout. When you choose a quality location for your classic wedding reception, such as The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts, you reduce the amount of decorating that you need to do in order to pull off an elegant event. Speak with the on-site staff about lighting options, included items, cake enhancements, and other cost-effective ideas that can really boost the look and feel of your reception.

Ceremony & Reception All-in-One
Another popular method to help couples save money is to host the ceremony and the reception all at one location. This will help you lower costs for two venues, decorations and flowers for both venues, transportation for the wedding party, bride and groom between two venues, and other associated fees. The custom wedding package at The Crystal Room includes five hours, which can easily include the ceremony and the reception. Speak with one of our personal coordinators about any other wedding reception activities and options that you want to include.

Get a Package Deal
Speaking of our custom wedding packages, all of the packages available at The Crystal Room also include free preparation time with our on-site event coordinator, a four-course plated meal, cake cutting service, cake enhancements, champagne toast for all of your guests, elegantly framed table numbers, floor lengthy ivory linens with your choice of napkin colors, and complimentary food tasting for the bride and groom as you choose your menu. Most wedding venues charge based upon the number of guests, so you can reduce costs even further by whittling down your guest list. It goes without saying that a wedding reception in Milford, MA for 100 would cost less than a reception for 200.

Come Visit The Crystal Room
If you are hoping to plan your own classic wedding reception, but you’re on a strict budget, make sure to stop by The Crystal Room in Milford, MA to take a tour of our facility. We can help you figure out staging options for wedding reception activities, discuss options for decor, tablecloths, linens and more in your seasonal wedding colors, and make sure that you choose the best ballroom space for your big celebration. Call today to get a FREE quote for your services at 508-478-7800 or to ask about availability. Located just a minute off I-495, The Crystal Room is conveniently located for guests come from all throughout the South Coast and Greater Boston area.