Affordable Tips for Massachusetts Brides: Buying Decorations

affordable-tipsIf you are planning a wedding in the Massachusetts area, it helps to find ways to save on certain things, while making sure that you budget enough for the things that are most important. One of the areas that you can save on your budget is with decorations. This is one of the most popular tips for Massachusetts brides and is a great way to get more hands-on with your own wedding planning.

Step One: Pick a Venue

The first step is to nail down which Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall you will hire to host your wedding party. Choosing affordable Boston area party venues can be challenging, but your best bet is to move out of the city and pick a location with plenty of parking, lots of open space and some pretty great photo opportunities. Of all the reception locations in Milford, MA, one stands out as the clear choice: The Crystal Room.

Newly renovated in 2014, The Crystal Room is a beautifully appointed reception hall and party venue that has everything you could ever want in a rented space for your special day. Plenty of space for small, mid-sized or even large wedding receptions, our conveniently located venue is just a minute off the I-495, making it easy to find for local and out of town guests alike.

Another great reason to choose The Crystal Room is that it is the perfect place to host a beautiful wedding reception, as it doesn’t require much in the way of added decor. Unless you are choosing a theme, the only types of decorations you will need are centerpieces, favors and flowers. Speak with the personal event planner to find out more about other decorative options that can be included as part of your package to save even more.

Step Two: Choose a Theme

Some brides choose a theme that goes according to the season, such as a garden theme in the spring, a beach theme in the summer, a harvest theme in the fall and a ice or snow theme in the winter. Others choose a theme based upon their shared interests with the groom, such as a Gone With the Wind wedding and reception or something more modern, like a Star Wars themed event. Still others choose classic and elegant themes that are based more on the bride’s colors, which can still be seasonal or just a matter of preference. Some of the best tips for Massachusetts brides include making choices based upon what is readily available for the season. While you might be thinking about importing Hawaiian leis from Maui for your beach theme event, your budget may dictate using some local blooms instead.

Step Three: Budget Decor for a Southeastern Massachusetts Reception Hall

Going shopping for the decorations that will be used at your wedding celebration can be a fun and exciting adventure. It can also be frustrating and hectic if you don’t make a plan ahead of time. Make sure that you consider the amount of space that you will have and the areas that you will want to decorate at your affordable Boston area party venues. Ask the event planner if you can stop by to look at the reception locations in Milford, MA to plan where you will have the cake and cake cutting, the dance floor, the gift table, the guest book and other wedding must-haves. Then you can choose your decorations based upon that space without wasting money on decorations you won’t be able to use.

Some affordable and budget-friendly options for wedding party decor include:

  • LIGHTING – Ask the event planner at The Crystal Room about using the colorful ambient lighting package or about bringing in white decorative lights, LED candles and other options to help set the mood for your reception.
  • FLOWERS – In addition to the bridal bouquet, wedding party flowers and other common floral items, you can use local, in-season flowers to help decorate the wedding party table, guest tables and other areas at your big event.
  • FABRIC – Another great way to bring your colors through the entire venue without spending a fortune is to use fabric swags and touches of colorful fabric throughout the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. Ask about hanging airy fabrics from doorways and near the wedding party table, as well as other suggestions on where to use fabrics as part of your decor.
  • FAVORS – The tiny little gifts that you make up to give to your guests can be part of your decor. Choosing to stick with your theme, the favors can help to augment centerpieces of flowers, lights and fabrics to create an interactive display that your guests can take home with them.

The Best Reception Locations in Milford, MA

If you are looking for a beautiful venue to host your wedding, wedding reception, engagement party, bridal shower or any other major event, look no further than The Crystal Room. A well-designed Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall with plenty of parking and opportunities to help you make your special day even more elegant and exciting.