An Awards Dinner in Milford, MA: Managing Your Special Event

awards-dinnerIt’s one thing to host an awards dinner or another type of event at your local Boston area banquet hall – whether it be for your business, industry or a personal, family affair – but it’s another to have to manage it on your own. While there are event planning services that you can hire to help you with reception entertainment ideas, event security, party catering and other elements of your gathering, some of those professionals can get rather pricey. If you are looking for a Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall that is in close proximity to major cities throughout the New England area, consider The Crystal Room in Milford, MA.

Our newly renovated venue is perfect for hosting all sorts of special events. We have hosted weddings and anniversary parties, retirement celebrations and proms, baby showers and bridal showers, business seminars and corporate meetings, industry conventions and charity events, so chances are good that our team will be able to help you, no matter what type of function you want to hold. We have an in-house event planner, catering service and even have all sorts of decorative features, valet parking, table linens and various setups available for you to choose from to help make it a very special and memorable event.

Creating a Schedule of Events
Some parties are “free form” and just sort of “go with the flow,” but an organized event, such as an awards dinner in Milford, MA, should be organized. It helps to create a schedule of events and ensure that you are in control – or have a team that can help you be in control – of how everything moves along. A cocktail reception, a plated dinner, a video presentation, speeches from the award recipients, showcases from event sponsors – whatever you want to include at your special event, including any reception entertainment ideas, such as a live band, DJ or dancing, make sure to add them to the list.

While you don’t have to schedule down to the minute, because it can be helpful to be a little loose in the timing in case something runs over or takes less time than you imagined, it does help to at least have a list of how things will go. Approximately times can work, such as 15 minute blocks for this or that, an hour for the plated meals to be served and eaten and some extra time between award presentations for speeches, thank-yous and missing recipients. You can do a run-through with you and your helpers before the event takes place at the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall just to make sure everyone knows what to do.

Consider Hosting an Alcohol-Free Event
When you think back on business, industry, community or even family events that have gone wrong, what is the one common denominator? Not every person who attends your special event is going to have an issue with alcohol, but someone might. Depending on the nature of your event and the group that will be attending, make sure to speak with the event coordinators at the Boston area banquet hall that you will be renting to make sure that they know your wishes in this department.

Some issues can be handled just by eliminating the “open bar” from the event and instead serve a glass of wine with dinner or have a champagne toast to kick things off. Drink tickets are another great way to monitor the amount of alcohol that gets served during your awards dinner in Milford, MA. Consider only serving wine and beer – no hard liquor – as another way of reducing the opportunity for over-indulging. If you want to serve cocktails, consider offering a “signature cocktail” to celebrate the event that coordinates with your theme.

Preventing Incidents at Events
One way to keep control over your event and properly manage the gathering is to have a plan. Whether guests get rowdy due to too much alcohol or just get out of hand in other ways, preventative measures can be helpful in stopping a situation before it really even gets started. Begin by talking with the venue staff and event coordinators that you want to discretely deal with any guests that are out of line without causing a bigger commotion. Encourage bartenders to cut people off if they think they’ve had too many so you won’t have to police your guests on your own.

Consider hiring security if you anticipate problems or if you have had problems at other events so they can deal with the problem guests without disturbing the entire event at your Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall. If you think security is over the top for the type of event you are hosting – especially if it is a family, charity or community type event – consider asking an employee, family member or team member to be responsible for dealing with problem guests. Someone who can take control of the situation with authority without allowing things to get out of hand.

The more planning that can be done for your party, gathering or awards dinner in Milford, MA, the less you will have to worry about micro-managing on the day of the event. If everyone knows what is expected of them and you work with the event coordinators at the Boston area banquet hall for reception entertainment ideas, security issues and alcoholic beverage concerns, you won’t have to worry about getting into an awkward situation. Contact The Crystal Room today to find out more about our venue or to reserve a space for your upcoming special event.