Anniversary Party Ideas: Celebrate Your New England Wedding

Anniversary Party PlanningHow long has it been since you said your vows? Whether it has only been a single year, twenty or even fifty, it’s always a grand idea to celebrate the anniversary of your New England wedding with family and friends. Everyone wants to toast a successful relationship, and marking the milestones of your lives together with a big bash at the best party venue in Milford is a great way to share this important day with the ones that you love. There aren’t many relationships that can stand the test of time these days, so your anniversary – regardless of how many years it has been – is definitely wroth celebrating!

Getting Started: Choose the Date
It might seem obvious to choose the actual anniversary of the date that you said your vows at the church and celebrated at the Boston area banquet hall, but in some situations, that just might not be possible. Depending on where you want to host your celebration, selecting the date might depend on choosing a reception hall and what they have available during the timeframe surrounding your wedding anniversary. Check with your local venue and find out what’s open. Then you can schedule your party around the availability so you can get the location you want most. Once the date is set you can send out “save the date” cards to get an idea of how many guests you will have, or you can just send out the invitations straight away if it is a smaller party. Save the Date cards are great for weddings, large celebrations and parties where you need to purchase tickets for the attendees to a special event in addition to the party.

Choose a Theme for Your Party
Every great party has a theme behind it. You don’t have to go all “child’s birthday party” theme with your ideas – they can be subtle. Choose something that means something to the two of you and your relationship together, of simply select a color combination that can be carried throughout the event. Your theme can be displayed on the invitations, in the decorations for your New England wedding anniversary party, the cake and even throughout the menu. When choosing a reception hall, make sure to talk about decorations and ideas that you have for your party. The Crystal Room has lots of great options that you can use to your advantage that will help you plan your celebration.

Some ideas for themes that couples often use for anniversary parties include:

  • famous couples – create a subtle theme or make it a costume party for all of your guests to show up as a famous couple; to avoid having someone copy your costume idea by accident, send it out in the invitation: “Marilyn and Joe would like to invite you….” or “Bogie and Bacal would like to invite you…” or “Barbie and Ken would like to invite you…” so they’ll know what you’ll be dressing up as at your own party
  • luau theme – everyone loves a good island theme party and anniversary parties are no exception; luau themes are easy, as most party stores will have all sorts of decorations, invitations and cake topper ideas that you can use; hand out leis as favors and play beach party music at your event for lots of fun
  • decades – you can choose a decade that you love, such as the 30s or the 40s, or you can choose the decade that you met or got married and celebrate your love for each other in that way; either way, decade or era parties, as they are sometimes called, can be a great way to really put your stamp on the party
  • wedding – one way to celebrate a major milestone anniversary is to host a New England wedding at the best party venue in Milford; surprise your friends by renewing your vows; great to include those who were unable to attend your first wedding
    seasonal – choose your party decorations and colors based on the season or holiday nearest your anniversary; this is a simple, yet effective, way to keep your party in a theme

Hire Vendors: Cakes, Caterers and DJs – Oh My!
The next phase of party planning is to make contact with everyone that you will need to work with to pull off a great party. One reason why The Crystal Room is the best party venue in Milford is that you can work with our on-site event coordinator for all of these vendors. We have on-site catering and a wide menu for you to choose from, whether you want to serve a plated meal, a buffet or just a cocktail hour with passed hors d’oeurves. It is so important to think about all the things you will need when choosing a reception hall for your anniversary party. Once you look around you will realize that not all Boston area banquet halls are created equal. Some just tend to stand out more than others when you start comparing ammenities and options that make throwing a party much easier.

If you are looking for a party venue in Milford, Massachusetts to celebrate your wedding annivesary, plan a New England wedding, or if you have some other type of celebration or gathering in mind, consider The Crystal Room, one of the area’s most well-appointed facilities for your special day. Call us at 508-478-7800 to find out about availability or to speak with one of our team members to learn more about why we are known as the best party venue in Milford for weddings, parties, corporate events, family gatherings and much more!