Anniversary Party Plans in Milford: Celebrating a Milestone

anniversary party in milford massachusettsCertain anniversaries are more important than others and should be recognized by family and friends. For some couples, the first anniversary is a landmark, while for others, they might not really celebrate until they hit a big year. If you want to plan a party in Milford to celebrate an anniversary, either your own or for someone close to you, it is a good idea to consider renting a local party venue. Not only will you have more room than at someone’s house or backyard, but you can also take advantage of all the services, options, and features of the facility to maximize the potential of the party. The Crystal Room is a popular Milford party venue. If you want to host an anniversary celebration, wedding reception, corporate event, or community gathering, we have all of the space, on-site parking, and options you need to plan a successful party.

10th Anniversary Celebration

A decade together is definitely worth celebrating. While there is no official title for this anniversary, the traditional gift for ten years of marriage is either tin or aluminum. When you plan a party in Milford, it is a good idea to choose a theme. Party planners who want to host an anniversary celebration for the tenth year might want to incorporate tin or aluminum into the theme somehow to really mark the occasion.

15th Anniversary Celebration

Known as the Crystal Anniversary, you might have guessed that the traditional gift for 15 years of marriage is crystal. What better place to host your Crystal Anniversary party than at the Crystal Room in Milford? We can help you with all of your anniversary party plans, including catering options, decorations, staging ideas, and more to create a very memorable celebration.

20th Anniversary Celebration

Two decades of wedded bliss is celebrated with fine China. This can be a fun theme to embrace when creating plans for a celebration at our Milford party venue. Twenty years is a pretty big deal, so plan on inviting lots of friends and family to cheer on the couple as they recognize this significant milestone. Consider adding personal photos, recorded messages from close family, and definitely get a custom cake.

25th Anniversary Celebration

This is the first major anniversary recognized by everyone from the greeting card companies jewelry store manufacturers. Known as the Silver Anniversary, history tells us that this landmark occasion got its name back in Roman times when husbands would give their wives silver wreaths to mark the occasion. There are lots of great themes and pre-made decorations for a 25th wedding anniversary, which makes it really easy to plan.

30th Anniversary Celebration

Known as the Pearl Anniversary, you might have guessed that the recommended gift is pearls. Three decades together is definitely worth at least some pearl earrings. This is another popular milestone celebrated by couples with anniversary party plans. While the theme is not as easy as the 25th Silver Anniversary, it is still easy enough to plan a party in Milford, either for yourself or someone that you love.

Other Significant Anniversaries

Wanting to host an anniversary celebration for couples who make it past 30 years can be a real honor. Most people at this stage have grown children that can help to plan a party in Milford or will at least attend. The 35th Anniversary is the Coral Anniversary, while the 40th is known as the Ruby Anniversary. The 45th is Saphhire, while the 50th is Golden. Couples who make it past this point will often receive a greeting from their state Governor or the country’s sitting President. The 55th Anniversary is Emerald, and the 60th is Diamond.

Ready to Plan a Party in Milford?

If you are ready to start making your anniversary party plans, make sure to schedule a tour of the Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Just contact our team by calling 508-478-7800 and speak with one of our agents. We can answer any questions you might have about how to host an anniversary celebration in Southeastern Massachusetts. Call today for a FREE price quote and to get essential information about how to secure our venue for our event.