Are Business Meetings Essential for Ideas Sharing or a Waste of Time?

AMeeting room business meeting has to give essential information in order for it to be productive. If you are someone who spends a lot of your life in meetings or planning them, then you may wonder if business meetings are essential or just a waste of your time.

The fact is that business meetings are one of those necessary aspects of business. They are important to the exchanging of ideas, reviewing progress, and addressing issues. Many times, these meetings end up being very long. Sometimes the length is necessary and other times it isn’t.

So how essential are they if 55 minutes is spent getting nowhere and 5 minutes of it is productive? Could business owners and managers afford scrapping down some of the meetings and holding them once a month or less? How would this be an effective use of time and what options are available to make it worthwhile?

These are some of the questions that business owners and managers ask because they want their meetings to be a method of communication that is productive rather than see as a waste of time. Everything should walk out of the meeting room feeling good about what happened rather than wondering what in the world they were just a part of.

The Meetings to Scrap

The types of meetings that should be scrapped are those that have no objectives or agenda. If there is no real clarity on the expectations of each participant, then it is not necessary. Also, any meeting that doesn’t have a designated timeframe or takes too much time should be questioned by any involved.

The solution:

The first thing to do is establish a designated timeframe for your meeting. You may also want to consider a meeting room rental so that you have an environment that is conducive to a productive meeting.

If it is going to be a long meeting, let people know so that they know to be prepared. Go for a meeting room rental that gives you the option to serve food. Keeping people from going hungry during a long meeting can help them be as productive as possible. You don’t want someone thinking about lunch when they are supposed to be throwing around ideas.

Who to Invite

You also need to be mindful of whom to invite. Meetings with more than 40 people are going to need a large meeting room. This is something that is common in Massachusetts because of the size of some businesses. They need a room that will accommodate all of their important players at once. They may not have such a room in their buildings, so they take their meetings out of house so they can accomplish what they need without having to break the meeting up into pieces.

If you’re not sure who to invite, look at the purpose of the meeting. If it is one to educate the staff, consider inviting supervisors so they can pass the information down to those they supervise. If it is one that involves important company decisions, then only the main players should be there. Nonetheless, it may be an annual meeting and that means you want all of the employees to be there. Knowing who to invite will prevent chaos and enable people to communicate the way that they should.

What not to do

One thing you don’t want to do is invite everyone to bring their laptops unless that is essential. What happens is a bunch of people are checking their email or chatting with someone and then they request that a question or answer is repeated. This is something that wastes time. It is good to opt for a meeting room rental that will enable you to stand in front of the room with visual aids. You can email the information to everyone later so they can review. There are many large meeting rooms in Massachusetts that have this capability so that conferences and meetings can be as productive as possible.

Another thing you don’t want to do is allow individuals to ask questions at any time. Tell them to write down their questions and have them ask those questions the last 20 minutes of the meeting or submit them via email. It is very important to keep order so that the valuable information can be properly relayed.


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