Bereavement Luncheons – A Time with Loved Ones

candlesFor many years, individuals have left the funeral home or cemetery to have lunch or dinner together afterward. The time is somber, but it is also a time where loved ones can get together. Up until now, not many people referred to them as “bereavement luncheons” or “bereavement dinners,” but that is exactly what they are. You may know it as simple “dinner after the funeral” or a “wake.”

While the dinner offers an opportunity for those attending a funeral to eat, it gives the opportunity to share memories and to spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, funerals are one of the only times that some loved ones see each other, so the bereavement dinner or luncheon gives more time to be with one another during a difficult time.

A Celebration of Life

But one thing that individuals notice during bereavement dinners and luncheons is that people smile. They talk about the good times and they celebrate the life of their loved one who has passed on.

To ensure this celebration goes without a hitch, there are ways to plan the perfect bereavement luncheon without having to go through added stress. The passing of a loved one is hard enough. While you want to provide everyone with an opportunity to fellowship with one another and remember their loved one, you don’t want to put more on yourself than you can handle.

Stress-Free Bereavement Luncheon Planning

If you are wondering how to make your bereavement dinner or luncheon as stress-free as possible, here is how it happens:

•    Contact a bereavement luncheon venue that offers you a number of options so that everything can be taken care of quickly. The main option, of course, is the catering.
•    Choose foods for the menu and ensure that there is a variety that everyone can enjoy. Keep in mind that there may be some vegans attending the luncheon, so it is good to have some vegetable choices on the menu.
•    Decorate as you please. Some quaint centerpieces can be enough to add a little style. Because this is a bereavement luncheon, you don’t need to make it extravagant. All you need is space for everyone, food, and light decorations.

Funeral Lunch Programs

There is a new trend happening called the “funeral lunch program.” Churches and other organizations are doing this more and more. The way that it works is the people in the church or organization pay a small fee per year toward a fund that pays for bereavement lunches. These lunches take place when someone within the church or organization passes away so that they can host a lunch for the family and friends of the deceased. The bereavement luncheon fund can also cover dinners when the close family members of church members or organization members pass away. The money pays for the venue and the menu and is a great gift to those that the luncheon or dinner is hosted for.

What this does is ensure that there is enough space to have the bereavement dinner by securing a bereavement luncheon venue and money to pay for food. This is an alternative to everyone within a congregation or organization bringing a covered dish. Many times, bringing a covered dish is not practical because people go to the funeral home and/or cemetery before going to the bereavement luncheon. This means that the food is either going to have to sit a while and get cold or people will have to miss one of the services to take the food to the venue. All in all, the entire process becomes more convenient and stress-free for everyone.

Another Way to Pay Respect

All in all, the bereavement dinner or lunch is another way to pay respect to the family of the person who has passed. It is a moment for sharing memories and seeing each other once again. If you are trying to think of a way in which you can further celebrate the life of a loved one who has recently passed, then a bereavement luncheon at a quality bereavement luncheon venue is one way to make that happen.


If you have recently lost a loved one, our condolences go out to you and your family. To ensure your bereavement luncheon is everything you want it to be for the purpose of celebrating your loved one and joining together loved ones, we have the venue to make that possible. Call us at 508-478-7800 or complete our contact form and someone from our office will get in touch with you.