Bereavement Luncheons: Gathering to Say ‘Thank you’

Buffet tableSometimes after a funeral service, friends and family will gather together at a venue for a bereavement luncheon. This is a way in which the family of the deceased says “thank you” for the support that has been offered by those who attended the funeral. It is also a way to socialize and reconnect, as well as bring comfort to families as they engage in this interaction.

Nonetheless, this is a type of event that must be planned rather quickly. The funeral luncheon venue has to be determined, as well as the bereavement luncheon menu. Those that plan these after funeral events only have a matter of days to do so, so it is best to use the best avenue of planning possible so that the luncheon can go off without any major hiccups.

Finding a Bereavement Luncheon Venue

Sometimes funeral homes will allow the luncheons to be held at their facility if they have the space. However, many of them do not for the simple fact that they run one funeral right after the other and they use all of these rooms. They may also not have the time, depending on the day of the week the funeral is held. This means that another venue has to be found and it needs to be found quickly.

Many in Milford, MA and beyond who wish to have bereavement luncheons will opt for a venue that will make the planning process easier for them. There are room rental options based on the number of guests and tastes and there are also menu options. For instance, you can get any of the following:

•    Several hours of use in a private room
•    A fully trained wait staff
•    Cloth napkins and table linens
•    Flatware, glassware, and China included
•    Food prepared onsite
•    Drinks
•    Dessert

In other words, the planning can start with a telephone call and it can happen rather quickly since the venue already has the needed individuals on their staff. Plus, everything is bundled into one package so that you do not have to pay for each individual item that you need in order to make the funeral luncheon happen. When you are dealing with a very sad time, stress over something technical is the last thing that you need.

Choosing the Funeral Luncheon Menu

Whether you opt for your own catering or you wish to have the venue provide the food, it is very important to choose a menu that works for everyone and your budget. Caviar may be something that is too expensive, but finger foods may be ideal. You can opt for other food options if you wish for everyone to have a four course meal. It is entirely up to you what you want to do. You can discuss with those catering the luncheon what your options are, what your desires are, and a menu can be devised that will ensure everyone has options and that they get enough to eat. You can also discuss how you want the food served. You can opt for buffet style or you can have a wait staff on-hand to serve everyone at their tables. Regardless, everyone at the luncheon will be catered to in some way as they socialize with one another.

Importance of Bereavement Luncheons

Bereavement luncheons are very important for the fact that they give families and friends the opportunity to mourn together. After a funeral service, people are very sad and they need that interaction. Plus, food does always make things somewhat better and gives the opportunity for good discussion. Sometimes this is the only chance that some individuals have to interact in-person because they don’t live near one another. Most of all, it is the family’s way of telling everyone thank you for being there for them. Food is an excellent way to show appreciation for the flowers, the company, and the condolences.

So if you have lost a loved one and you want to show those attending the funeral how much you appreciate them, a funeral luncheon is the way to do it. When dealing with a venue that specializes in these types of luncheons, the planning process is condensed and expedited so that everything is ready on time.


If you need to plan a bereavement luncheon, The Crystal Room is here to help you. We have private rooms available with many options that allow our funeral luncheon venue to simplify the planning process at the best possible cost. To learn more, call us at 508-478-7800 or complete our contact form.