Best Budget Wedding Reception Ideas for New England Weddings

Whether you have a budget of $5,000, $10,000, or $50,000 for your wedding reception, with careful planning and strategy, you can still create the wedding of your dreams. There are things that you can do to cut your budget without anyone noticing, while still having all of the beautiful elements that you desire for your wedding day. When planning a reception in New England, it pays to think outside the box. That means moving your budget wedding reception out of the big city, where prices are typically much higher, and the venues usually require a lot more finesse and decoration. Instead, choose a smaller town with a great-looking venue that can accommodate all your guests. A lovely wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts could be just what you need to host a memorable wedding.

Reception Entertainment Ideas
Forget the band, the DJ, and the emcee. Many of today’s couples are simply creating their playlists via digital media and then ask someone in the wedding party, a sibling, or a trusted friend, to play the music at the required time. Most venues have sound systems already set-up, making it easy to still have that special father-daughter dance without the cheesy and expensive DJ running the show. As you plan the activities that will occur throughout the day or evening, such as tossing the bouquet, cutting the cake, dancing, and saying your goodbyes, you will see that the schedule fills up quite nicely without the need for extra reception entertainment ideas.

Reconsider the Guest List
Another great way to save on costs for the venue, catering, and the cake is to reconsider the guest list. You don’t have to invite everyone you know, everyone your parents know, and the truth is, you don’t even have to invite everyone in your family. If you decide early on that you want to limit the guest list to 50 or 100 people total, then stick with it. Just know that most venues and catering companies count you and the wedding party in that figure, so don’t select 50 guests and think you met your quota. When planning a reception in New England, you start by adding you, your fiance, your parents, the wedding party, and even the officiant to your initial list, and then you can add the guests.

Consider Off-Peak Dates
Wedding season, which usually spans from late spring to early fall, is typically the busiest time of year to try and host a wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts or anywhere else in the northeastern region. To save money, consider hosting your wedding between late fall and early spring. You can even ask your vendors about possible discounts or other opportunities for a wedding that is scheduled for a weekday instead of the weekend, early morning instead of afternoon and evening, or around a holiday or other special calendar day when reservations are typically slow. Most places will work with you, especially if you tell them that you are trying to plan a budget wedding reception.

Single Venue Wedding
Consider hosting both the ceremony and the reception at the same location. This can cut costs for reserving two venues, reduce the number of decorations, eliminate the need for transportation between the venues, and even make it easier for guests just to show up and stay at one location for the whole wedding and reception. Visit the venue and scout out places to take your wedding photos. If the photographer can also do it all at one location for your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts, you will save costs for his or her services as well.

Use Bigger Tables
Let’s say you have 80 guests that have RSVP’d for the wedding. Instead of having ten tables of eight guests each, consider doing eight tables of ten guests each to reduce the table count by two. That means two fewer centerpieces, tablecloths, and servers required for the two tables you cut out. If the venue allows for twelve at a table, you could even cut it down to seven tables, saving you three centerpieces, tablecloths, and servers. Of course, it all depends on the size of the tables that you use and the requirements of the venue. It pays to work closely with the on-site event coordinator when planning a reception in New England.

Flowers and Cake
You can skip the expensive blooms and use seasonal or local favorites instead. Add more greenery than flowers to reduce costs or add non-floral pieces to enhance your decorations. When it comes to the cake, many couples are opting to get cupcakes for guests and a small specialty cake for the cake “cutting” ceremony. Another option is to get a large sheet cake and have it cut-up for guests. Ask the venue if cake-cutting and other related enhancements are included in the wedding package, as this can have a big influence on the choices you make.

Visit The Crystal Room in Milford
If you are making plans for a budget wedding reception, make sure to take a tour of The Crystal Room. Our staff can help you with staging and reception entertainment ideas, show you want to reduce costs for decorations, and even provide you with many included features as part of our basic wedding package. Planning a reception in New England on a budget does not mean having to sacrifice any of the things that you want for your special day, especially if you host your ceremony and wedding reception in Milford, Massachusetts at The Crystal Room. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our facility or to speak with one of our friendly and helpful team members.