Best Decoration Ideas: Wedding Reception in the Boston Area

Boston Wedding Reception DecorationsMost little girls grow up dreaming about what their perfect wedding will look like one day. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding reception decorations in Massachusetts that can bring it all together, a lot of brides get frustrated with the process. Some of the best ideas for wedding decor is simple and surprising. Basic items can be used together in such a way that it turns a classic wedding reception into a dream come true. If you are planning a wedding reception in the Boston area, consider hosting your celebration at reception locations in Milford, MA. Not only will it get you away from the crowded parking nightmare of the Big City, but you can find charming venues that can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your special day.

Landscaping Elements

Even an indoor wedding can enjoy some of nature through the use of landscaping elements as part of your reception decorations in Massachusetts. Depending on the season you might use blossom trees to create a romantic setting, potted maples with brilliant fall colors, evergreens decorated with twinkle lighting, or ivy-covered arbors for your guests to walk through as they enter the venue. Check with the on-site event coordinator to make sure it’s okay to bring landscaping elements indoors. As long as they are quality materials, it should be approved. Similar to floral centerpieces and other wedding flowers, these decorative items can add a lot of eye candy to your classic wedding reception.

Stacked Crates

One of the best ideas for wedding decor is the use of rustic crates. These crates can be purchased directly from home goods or craft stores, but they can also be collected from antique shops. Stacked crates can be used to create some interesting displays, from multi-layered tiers for cupcakes and other goodies to other decorative pieces that bring your wedding theme together. Stack them from the floor up and secure them with floral twine or place them on tables to add texture, color, and height to your displays. Anything from flowers to books, family photos to artwork, LED candles in mason jars to colorful candies will look better when set on a background of rustic crates.

Reach for the Stars

Work with the reception locations in Milford, MA to create an indoor starscape that your guests will talk about long after the party is over. Create a twinkling sky through the use of strategically placed lights, sheer fabrics, and florals. This can be set over the guest tables during dinner service, near the cocktail area, or even over the dance floor, depending on the set-up of the venue. Make sure to get approval before hanging anything. Not only will it protect your deposit and prevent damage from occurring to the reception hall, but the on-site event coordinator team might have even more suggestions that you can use to your advantage. This is a great idea for an evening or nighttime wedding reception in the Boston area.

Compliment the Existing Style

Before you run out to buy reception decorations in Massachusetts, ask to take another tour of the venue. You will want to choose your design based on the existing style of the location. Some reception halls are a blank slate, making them perfect for just about any type of wedding theme or design. However, others may have some elements already included that can help save you money on decorations. Ask about on-site decorative options that can be added to your wedding package when you tour reception locations in Milford, MA. Linens, centerpieces, specialty lighting, and audio-visual equipment are just some of the options that you will find at The Crystal Room.

Floral Photo Frames

Even if you are already planning on including a photo booth for your friends and family to enjoy during the reception, it’s a good idea to create other photo-worthy areas throughout the space. Use arbors, trellises, and other common items to create a “frame” for guests to use for couple or group photos. Decorate the item with florals, greenery, or garland that coordinates with the color scheme and theme of your wedding. Artificial flowers can be used for a budget-friendly piece that can be used throughout the celebration. Make sure it is prominently placed so guests can see it. One of the biggest problems with photo booths and photo frames at weddings is that they are often pushed into a corner and overlooked.

The Crystal Room in Milford, MA

Schedule a tour of the beautiful Crystal Room for your wedding reception in the Boston area. Located in the suburban area of Southeastern Massachusetts, our venue is perfect for a modern or classic wedding reception. Discuss your ideas for reception decorations in Massachusetts with our on-site event coordinator and start making plans for your special day. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to ask about availability or to schedule a tour.