Best Honeymoon Spots for 2014

Cottages on waterfrontGetting married in 2014? If so, it is time for you and your new spouse to have the time of your lives. This is a time where you can shoot for the moon and travel further than you have in the past, stay longer than a week, eat more than you ever would at home, and simply enjoy yourselves while making memories.

But with all of the hot vacation spots out there offering plenty of opportunities for romance, you may have a difficult time deciding where you want to go. You want a place where you can move straight from your MA wedding venue to your destination without a hitch and as soon as possible so you can spend more time together before getting back to normal life.

The Best Honeymoon Spots

First, you need to ask yourself what you prefer. Do you love the beach? Do you want to visit a historic destination? Maybe you want to go on a cruise? It is important that the two of you discuss what you would like to do far in advance so you can go ahead and save the money, make your reservations, and be adequately prepared so the move from your MA wedding venue to your honeymoon destination will be one that is as free from frustration as possible.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Florida Keys – The Florida Keys are very unique. When visiting the Keys, it is important to rent a car so you can take a road trip on U.S. 1. It is almost like driving over the ocean because, well, it sort of is. You can visit the different islands and find plenty to do. From hammock-strung trees to sunset cruises, there are so many things that you can do.
  • Grenada – Sandals has invested a great deal of money into LaSource, which is one of the most favored all-inclusive properties on Grenada. There are three individual villages in the resort, as well as nine restaurants, three pools, two lazy rivers, private plunge pools on every balcony, and there are lots of great promos being rolled out.
  • Charleston, South Carolina – You may be wondering how Charleston can make the list. Well, this is a destination for those looking for a culinary adventure. The Flavors of Charleston tours can give you the opportunity to try foods that you may never get to try otherwise. Plus, Charleston is close to the beach and there are some rather nice resorts in the area on beaches that are not very busy.
  • Belize – If you want an adventurous and active beginning to your life together, then Belize will have you covered. You can go snorkeling, check out the jungle, and take zip-lining tours and go cave tubing. You can then take a break and relax at the Xanadu Island Resort.
  • Cabo San Lucas – This is an area that celebrities enjoy, so you may see a famous person or two when you go to Cabo. In fact, you may encounter a celebrity party and rub elbows with some A-listers if you’re lucky. If not, there is plenty for you to do and a beautiful beach to relax on.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – New Orleans is spectacular. The culture, the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico where you can enjoy the beach, and the pralines and hurricane cocktails make it worth it. Add some conch stew into the mix and you’re in business. You can also check out the Port of New Orleans where you can take off on a Carnival or Norwegian Cruise Line cruise to Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize. If you don’t plan on leaving the city, you have to head to Bourbon Street and take in the French Quarter.

The Best Romantic Hotels

If you are looking for the best romantic hotels, there are some rather affordable ones. They include:

  • Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort in Maldives
  • Intercontinental Tahiti Resort in Tahiti with 265 rooms located along a beautiful lagoon
  • Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge in Panama where seculusion is provided at its finest
  • Hotel Desconocido in Mexico with cabins that practically sit on the water
  • El Nido Lagen Island Resort in the Philippines with small cottages right on the waterfront

These highly romantic and affordable resorts and hotels are just some of what is scattered all over the world. It is important to evaluate the amenities of each, the activities surrounding each one that both of you will want to do, and book far in advance when you make your choice. From there, you can have the once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon that you deserve.

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