Best Tips for Brides: Shopping for Wedding Gowns in Wrentham

Wedding Gown Shopping in Wrentham, MAOne of the most significant challenges when planning a wedding is choosing the best wedding gown. Picking out tuxedos and bridesmaid dresses is nothing compared to having to pick a dress that everyone will instantly look at and judge the moment you walk down the aisle. This dress will be in your wedding photos from the ceremony all the way through the wedding reception activities. The father-daughter dance, cutting the cake, “not eating” the food as you chat with guests, and tossing the bouquet – it’s important to consider everything you will be doing in that dress before you commit.

Shopping for wedding gowns in Wrentham can be a challenge. Just make sure you secure the venue for your Milford wedding reception and line-up all of the reception decorations in Massachusetts before you start going crazy trying to find the right dress. We have gathered some tips that have been shared by brides all across the country that you can use to your advantage. Things that might seem like a “good” idea before you begin your search could ultimately come back to cause problems later on in the shopping process. Learning from the mistakes of others is sometimes the best way to have a positive experience of your own.

Select Two Trusted Individuals for Shopping Duties

We have all seen the programs on television as the bride dutifully invites everyone, including her future mother-in-law, to sit in judgment as she tries on dress after dress after dress. Shopping for wedding gowns is stressful enough without having a dozen sets of eyes staring at you making comments about how you look. While it might seem like a great idea to invite all of the ladies in your life who mean something to you, it is not necessary. Choose two people whose opinions will help you make a smart decision. This could be your maid of honor, your mother, a sister, a best friend, or even a colleague who recently got married and picked out a great dress. It should be someone who has your best interests in mind that you can trust to be honest without being overly picky or petty.

Shop When You Are Ready to Buy

A lot of soon-to-be brides begin shopping for dresses online or looking at catalogs as soon as they become engaged. That is fine – and recommended – but you shouldn’t visit bridal salons to shop for wedding gowns in Wrentham, Woonsocket, Milford or anywhere else in the Greater Boston area until you are ready to make a purchase. Experts recommend that the earliest you begin shopping is 12 months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to pick out a style that you will still love on your wedding day, as well as get all the fittings and alterations completed that you require. Shopping before you are ready to buy wastes everyone’s time – yours included. Spend your time “window shopping” online or in catalogs, so you can provide some ideas or details when you are ready to buy a dress.

Buyer Beware of Bargain Bridal Gowns

As soon as you get on one mailing list for your wedding, you’ll be inundated with flyers, brochures, marketing packets, and tons of SPAM on your computer and in your inbox. Beware of shops that try to lure you in with great savings, such as 50-70 percent off a big designer name. Not only do you run the risk of buying a “sample gown,” which is the version made available at the bridal store for hundreds of would-be brides to try on, but you might be stuck with a dress that you don’t want just to get that great price. Even if the gown is not a sample, make sure to check it over and look at every bit of the dress for damage, stains, discoloring, tears, or anything that cannot be fixed. There’s no point in buying cheap if you’ll just have to spend hundreds to get it ready for your Milford wedding reception celebration. Some deals really are good, so keep looking; just beware that there are businesses that will try to push some of their damaged goods during a big sale in the hopes that no one will notice until it’s too late.

Don’t Worry About the Size

One of the more frustrating aspects of shopping for wedding gowns is the size of the dress. Unlike your reception decorations in Massachusetts that are one-size-fits-all, you will need to be fitted for your gown. Industry experts reveal that wedding gown sizes run approximately one to two sizes smaller than typical off-the-rack clothing, so do not allow the number on the tag to worry you or make you insecure. Go by your measurements, not by a predetermined size, to find the best fit for your special day. Order according to your current size – not by the weight that you want to lose before your wedding. If you do lose weight, which can be difficult with all of the stress involved in planning wedding reception activities and details, you can get it taken in up to four sizes without affecting the dress. Letting a dress out is an entirely different prospect and can ruin the flow of the design.

Secure the Venue First!

Before you do anything else, such as hiring vendors for wedding reception activities or shopping for reception decorations in Massachusetts, make sure you secure the venue for your Milford wedding reception. The Crystal Room is a premier wedding venue and, depending on the time of year; space can fill up fast. Contact one of our on-site event planners to schedule a tour and discuss your plans. Make sure to secure your desired date as soon as possible before you start investing time in shopping for wedding gowns in Wrentham and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to get a head start on planning your very special day!