Best Venue for a Baby Shower in Southeastern Massachusetts

When you start researching baby showers, the ins and outs, the etiquette, and the history, it can be a bit overwhelming. Many of the old rules that were in place, such as who can host the party and whether men can be invited or not, were designed to protect the guest of honor or the family of the mother-to-be from scrutiny. Baby showers have only really been a “thing” since the 1940s and 1950s, but they quickly became a part of our culture and are a great way to support family and friends as they prepare for a new baby. Hosting a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts can be a lot of fun. It is similar to any other type of event of planning a party in Milford in that you need a place to host it, decorations, refreshments, and some kind of entertainment for guests.

Host a Baby Shower in Milford, MA

If you have already started the search to find the best party venue, make sure to include The Crystal Room on your list of places to tour. While we have earned a solid reputation for hosting wedding receptions in the Southcoast area, we are also very experienced with parties and special occasions of all types, including baby showers. Our Milford party venue is great for small to mid-size groups. We have all of the space, tables, chairs, decorative pieces, and on-site catering that you could ever need to throw the perfect party for a friend, sister, co-worker, or loved one who is expecting. Our professional event coordinator team can help you with the arrangements, provide you with insight that can help you make decisions, and go over the list of catering, decorative, and scheduling options available.

Located just a minute off the I-495, we are convenient for guests coming from all over the northeastern region, including Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Cape Cod, and the surrounding area. We have all of the amenities that you could ever want, including a complete audiovisual department with everything from flat-panel screens that can be used to display photos or videos in a presentation to a full spectrum PA system with wireless microphones. While you might not need all or any of this equipment, it’s great to know that it’s available for your gathering. Our on-site catering has so many options designed to meet just about any taste or budget, including breakfast, brunch, luncheon, and dinner options that can be served buffet-style or as a plated meal to your guests.

So Who Should Host the Baby Shower?

The reason behind so much controversy over who should host the shower goes back to the early days of baby showers when the parents-to-be and grandparents-to-be did not host the party to avoid making it appear as though they were just trying to get gifts. Appearances meant a lot back then, so it became a tradition. However, many traditions are not observed today, so many sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law, and close friends will often host a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts for the mother-to-be. About the only hard and fast rule that is still in place is that it is a little odd for expecting parents to host their own shower.

When baby showers first started, they were for the women only. Today, many fathers, uncles, grandfathers, male friends, and male cousins also come along for the celebration. Some parties include games and activities that are male-focused to include them, while others simply bring everyone together as a group to celebrate the new baby in the family. A co-ed party typically focuses on the theme or gender of the baby instead of all the pink-and-fluffy things that you might visualize for a women-only baby party. When planning a party in Milford for a new baby, think about the nursery decor or style that the parents-to-be have chosen and use that in your decorations at the venue.

Planning a Party in Milford

When making plans for a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts or any other type of special event, the more time you have to get everything in order, the better. For baby showers, which must be planned to provide the parents-to-be at least a month before their due date, your time may be limited. Work with your local Milford party venue to find the time and date that will work best with your schedule. When planning during busier times of the year, such as wedding season, space might be at a premium. If that happens, you can always ask about alternative times, such as morning events for breakfast or brunch parties instead of late afternoon or evening, when the venue might be booked.

Once you find the best party venue, you can pick a theme, create the invitations, and start buying decorations. If you choose to work with The Crystal Room, our team of highly trained and experienced event coordinators can help you with the details related to our venue. Catering options are posted on our website, but we can also work with you to choose the menu and order any specialty items that you want to be included. Seating arrangements, use of tables, and staging options can also be coordinated with our staff. To schedule a tour of our venue, give us a call at 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions that you might have about our Milford party venue and provide you with information about availability and pricing.