Best Wedding Party Attire for a Wedding Reception in Milford

milford wedding receptionWhile many people focus on picking out the best wedding dress, nearly just as much attention needs to be given to choosing dresses for bridesmaids and tuxedos for groomsmen. After all, the colors, styles, and accessories that you pick for these supporting roles will appear in practically all of your wedding photos and will help to set the tone for the overall theme. While shopping for wedding gowns in Wrentham or browsing through catalogs, make sure to keep your ideas for the wedding party attire in mind. There are a few things that you will want to consider when making these choices, but when it comes down to it, your wedding colors, theme, and the venue for your wedding reception in Milford will have a lot to do with it.

Selecting the Wedding Colors

Dresses for bridesmaids can replicate the colors that you want to use in the decorations, invitations, floral bouquets, centerpieces, and even the cake design. The accessories used in tuxedos for groomsmen can reflect these colors as well, such as the ties, cummerbunds, boutonnieres, socks, and anything else you want to include. You can use the same color or pick a complementary color that will work well, so you don’t over-do it with too much of anything. Make sure that the bridesmaids and groomsmen coordinate well because they will be seen together the most. Think about how all of this color will work in your wedding photos and how it will look when everyone is assembled for the ceremony and at the bridal table for your wedding reception in Milford.

Choose the Style of Clothing

The theme of your wedding might influence the style of the dresses for bridesmaids and accessories used with the tuxedos for groomsmen. For example, a “roaring 20s” themed wedding might include flapper-style dresses and special hairstyles for the girls and pinstripe suits for the guys. This would set the tone for your wedding reception in Milford and help you to keep the theme on point. Consider also the length of the dresses and pick options that will be most appropriate for the members of your wedding party. One way to ensure comfort for each individual is to offer bridesmaids the option to choose a dress out of a selection of ten to twelve that are identical in color and theme, but with different variations of length, cut, and modesty.

Consider the Time of Year

When you are hosting your wedding will have a lot to do with the wedding party attire and your selection of wedding gowns in Wrentham. The needs for clothing will vary widely between hot summer days and cold winter evenings, so the time of year, location of the wedding, and even the time of day for the ceremony and reception will play a role. Make sure that you have layering options with dresses for bridesmaids, such as preferences for jackets or faux-fur wraps that will keep the coordination intact. Consider alternate footwear, such as boots for outdoor shots in the snow or kicking off the heels to dance in socks or flats during the wedding reception in Milford. The more you think about your wedding party – these people who are standing up for you and supporting you on your special day, the more they will feel loved and appreciated by you.

Give Them Lots of Time

Try to make decisions regarding tuxedos for groomsmen, dresses for bridesmaids, and options for any children that will be involved in your wedding, such as a flower girl or ring bearer, as soon as possible. Give them at least three to four months to make choices, go in for fittings, track down shoe and accessory options, and put down deposits or purchase the items. Six months would be amazing but it is not always a possibility. You want your wedding party to be able to afford all of the purchases they need to make for your wedding and have enough time to go in for fittings, alternations, and get the accessories that you are requesting for your special day. If you want the bridesmaids to have a specific hairstyle or makeup, be sure to hire professionals and have them in the bridal room on your wedding day to take care of this for them. This is an added expense that many won’t be able to afford on their own and is something nice that you can do for everyone to show your appreciation.

Work With the Local Venue

As you continue making plans for your wedding reception in Milford, make sure to stay in touch with the on-site event coordinators at the venue. The Crystal Room can offer the use of a bridal room for you and your wedding party, which can serve as a place to prepare for the wedding, make any wardrobe changes between the ceremony and reception, or touch-up make-up and prepare for photos. This is a very advantageous feature that many of our brides take advantage of for their special day. If you would like to schedule a tour of our venue or have any questions about hosting your ceremony and reception here, give us a call at 508-478-7800. We can answer any questions that you might have about The Crystal Room or help you choose the best date for your wedding celebration.