Boston Area Party Venues: Hosting a Successful Seasonal Party

boston area party venuesAs summer fades and the kids go back to school before you know it fall will be upon us. Some of the best seasonal parties of the year happen during the autumn season. Football parties, Halloween bashes, Thanksgiving celebrations, and Harvest Festivals are just some of the ways that people celebrate the season here in New England. There are so many natural elements that can be included as decorations and menu selections when planning a seasonal party. That’s the great thing about finding the right Milford party venue for your celebration – it doesn’t take a lot to put on a great get-together.

Choose the Best Venue

As you start looking around at Boston area party venues, make sure to think outside the big city. Some of the best rates on party rooms and most memorable locations are off the beaten path. The Crystal Room has a solid reputation for hosting some of the most beautiful weddings in the Southcoast region, but we are also known for our special occasion celebrations, parties, and events for clients coming from all over Southeastern Massachusetts, Boston, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. Located just a minute off the I-495, we are convenient to guests throughout the northeastern region and have all of the on-site parking and amenities you could ever need to host the perfect party.

Discuss your ideas for the party with the on-site event coordinator. Ask questions about things that you want to do, talk about vendors that you want to hire, and find out all you can about in-house services, such as catering and audiovisual equipment that can be used during the party. Choose a Milford party venue that has enough space for you and all of your guests, as well as room for all of the entertainment and activities that you want to include. Don’t forget to ask about lighting and decorations, especially if you have elaborate ideas that you want to incorporate into the party theme.

Send Out the Invitations

Once you secure the venue, you can start making plans to send out the invitations. While you might book the space at your favorite Greater Boston area party venues months in advance, don’t send out the invitations too early or people might forget. If you are concerned about conflicting weekends or just want to send a “heads up” about your party, consider using a “save the date” type of contact. This can be done with official cards that are delivered personally or via the post mail, as well as by email or by using an invite app online.

When it comes to the official invitations, make sure that the design you choose reflects everything you are including when planning a seasonal party. If costumes or formal dress will be required, make sure to include it in the invitation. If food or drink is served, be sure to add that to the invitation as well. Think about the general theme of the party and create an invitation that shows the person what they can expect if they attend the event at the local party room in Milford, MA. Consider including directions along with a number and email for RSVP so you can get an accurate headcount before the party date.

Be Creative With Decor

The good news about planning a seasonal party is that the things you need to decorate the space are already all around you. Pumpkins and gourds, burlap runners and centerpieces – you can find these at your local home improvement stores, craft stores, floral supply stores, and party decoration stores. Add in some natural items, such as a barrel of apples or some long-stem sunflowers with seasonal colors of ribbon and vases, and you’ve got yourself some pretty memorable decorations.

Halloween-specific decorations or another fall theme type of party should also be pretty easy to locate during this time of year. August is usually the month when fall decorations and other items are made available in advance of the harvest season. Many autumn decorations are simple, consisting of farmhouse or shabby-chic style items, including wooden boxes and crates, galvanized steel tubs, and natural sticks, pine cones, and wood slices. You can either gather these yourself, making sure to cure them in a low oven to get rid of any insects or sap or purchase them pre-cured from a decoration store.

Visit Our Party Room in Milford, MA

As you firm up plans for your seasonal party or celebration, make sure to visit our Milford party venue to take measurements, speak with the on-site event coordinator, and confirm all of the services and options that you have elected to continue. Work closely with your vendors, including DJs, bands, cake bakers, and other professionals, to ensure that there are no misunderstandings about delivery locations, dates, and times. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to speak with one of our team members about planning a seasonal party or to schedule a tour of our Boston area party venues.