Boston Area Party Venues: Kids’ Birthday Party Planning Tips

Plan a Kids' Birthday PartyParty planning for younger children is sometimes more about the adults coming to celebrate the newest family member than anything else. Taking photos of your baby smashing into his first birthday cake or your little princess opening up a gift on her own for the first time – these are timeless memories that you will want to keep forever. Hosting a child’s birthday party at an indoor location, such as a banquet hall or other type of party room, can be tricky. You are usually left with not-so-great choices, like that pizza place with the mouse that always smells like kids and feet or your own home, which can quickly become crowded with just a few guests.

Looking for the best party venue in Milford to host a child’s birthday party under the age of five can be a challenge, but once you have a general idea of what you want to do and how many guests will be invited, choosing a reception hall can be a breeze. The Crystal Room is a well-appointed, multi-purpose facility located just a minute off the I-495. Large and small rooms are available for all types of parties, celebrations, corporate meetings and even weddings, providing an excellent solution for all sorts of events. Unlike other Boston area party venues, we have on-site catering and can help with reception menu ideas, decorating and much more.

Basic Guide to Kids’ Birthday Parties
Before you start buying decorations and sending out invitations, there are a few things you should know about throwing a birthday party for kids. Too many parents get trapped in the whole “party in the park” idea or making regretful decisions about parties at popular pizza places. You can throw a beautiful party to celebrate your child’s milestones that guests of every age will enjoy. When choosing a reception hall, think about the number of guests, the activities that you want to include, the type or theme of the party that you want to throw, and of course, your budget.

  • First Birthday – While most babies enjoy the party, they really have no idea what is happening. A lot of people make first birthday parties for family only or for adults-only. Maybe a few other babies can be on the guest list, but not a lot of little toddlers and kids, as with a party for an older child. There’s no need for formal party games and the reception menu ideas can be more for grown-up palates, so you won’t have to be subjected to chicken nuggets and cheese doodles, unless you want them. Choose from Boston area party venues that will provide you with plenty of photo opportunities, as these are the pictures that you will look back fondly on throughout your child’s life. Decorations can be more elegant than cartoon character, such as a Little Princess party or an Animal Safari.
  • Second Birthday – Baby is now mobile and likely able to open his or her own gifts, making it important that you have a baby-proof zone for this celebration. The best party venue in Milford will have a special party room just for your group with bathrooms on-site and readily available for “in-training” guests and busy parents. A private party space can be great for diffusing temper tantrums, instead of hosting your event in a public park or other place where you might be disrupting other parties and gatherings. Other children are often invited, so it plays to have some fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Avoid complicated games, as most toddlers won’t have the attention span required to really get anything out of them. Goody bags for everyone that match with the theme of the party is required. Think about gift items that are age-appropriate and safe for all guests.
  • Third & Fourth Birthdays – By the time your child is of pre-school age, they will totally understand about birthday parties and will have probably attended a few at other Boston area party venues. Make sure to have enough space to accommodate all of your guests and their children. When choosing a reception hall, make sure you have room to set up party “stations” for things like placing and opening gifts, singing happy birthday and cutting the cake, serving food and eating, playing games and handing out goody bags at the end of the event. Reception menu ideas can be discussed with the venue, keeping in mind the limited tastes of pre-schoolers with regard to “yucky” foods like fruits, veggies and anything with seasoning.

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