Bridal Shower Basics 101 for a Wedding Party in New England

Who is responsible for the planning of the bridal shower? There is much debate about this when it comes to today’s modern weddings. If you are planning on getting married in Attleboro or any local Southeastern Massachusetts community, it pays to discuss ideas on bridal showers with your wedding party in New England rather than just assume that someone is taking care of it for you. In most situations, it is the maid of honor who is in charge of throwing the bridal shower at a local Boston area banquet hall before the wedding. Not to be confused with a bachelorette party or engagement party, which are separate celebrations, the bridal shower should include invitations for women and young ladies from both sides of the ceremonial aisle.

Who Do You Invite?
So who does that include? When you send out invitations for a bridal shower at the best party venue in Milford, make sure to include invites for all of the ladies in the bridal party, as well as the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom, any female siblings, close friends and, in some cases, cousins. While it is a good idea to invite everyone, it is important to consult with the bride to determine who should be invited and who should be left off the list. After all, the bridal shower is a party meant to honor the bride, so if she has an issue with any of the possible guests, you will want to avoid inviting them.

Some friends, siblings and other loved ones, prefer to host a surprise bridal shower. If this is something that you are interested in doing, you are urged to exercise caution. The bride is busy planning every minute detail of her special day, from the ceremony on through the last dance at the reception and, in some cases, all the way to the honeymoon. You may not want to surprise her with the party or the guest list. You will want to surprise her with the theme, the decorations, the meal that is served, and the entertainment that is included. These are always welcome surprises for those who are getting married in Attleboro and the surrounding South Coast region.

Choose a Neutral Theme
Whatever you decide to do at the best party venue in Milford, make sure that you choose something that would not offend the bride – or her mother, grandmother, sisters and friends. While you might share a funny sense of humor together as best friends, the rest of the guest list might not appreciate the things that you laugh at when no one else is around. On the other hand, don’t go ultra conservative or traditional, if the bride’s family and friends are super modern or liberal in their thinking. Games, gifts, decorations and menu planning, make sure to match your choices with the best interests of the bride and her close circle of family and friends.

Select the Date & Venue
Perhaps the most important part of planning a wedding party in New England is to choose the best date for the bridal shower and make sure that all of the most important guests will be able to attend. If those guests are coming in from out-of-town, make sure they will be in town or can come into town early to surprise the bride. Some bridal showers are immediately prior to the wedding, such as the weekend before or a few days before, while others can be a month before the wedding, depending on everyone’s schedules.

The timing of this event will also depend upon the venue. Make sure to secure the Boston area banquet hall at The Crystal Room as soon as you get an idea of the date that you want. In some cases, it is possible to negotiate the date of the shower along with the date of the wedding if you coordinate it with the same venue. Of course this is easier to do if you are helping the bride plan the ceremony and reception so you can speak with the venue planner about hosting the shower for family, friends and the wedding party in New England. Send out invitations – or contact individuals directly for a surprise event – as soon as you secure the venue and have a specific time and date available to share.

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