Bridal Shower Planning in Milford: Etiquette Tips for Brides

Planning a bridal shower can be a lot of fun, but for a bride who is already over-loaded with the wedding ceremony and reception planning, it’s essential to know that this is not your responsibility. There is a clear etiquette surrounding bridal shower planning in Milford or anywhere else for that matter. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is just to let your family and friends take over in this arena and not worry about it for a moment. If there are certain things you want or don’t want, it’s okay to make them clear before any real planning gets started, but otherwise, this should not be your concern.

What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower should be a fun way for close family and friends of the couple to get together and celebrate the upcoming wedding. Gifts are often given that include household items or personal gifts that will help the couple get off to a good start in their life together. It’s also an excellent way for the family from the bride’s and groom’s family to mingle and get to know one another before the wedding and to invite friends into that sacred circle. While planning a shower for a Milford party venue can be a bit nerve-racking, once you understand the etiquette surrounding a bridal shower, it becomes a lot easier.

Who Hosts the Bridal Shower?

This is a big question. While you don’t want everyone fighting over who gets to do it, you also don’t want everyone laying back and waiting for someone else to take charge. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to designate the maid of honor to coordinate with the family to find out who will be hosting the party. This leaves the bride out of the equation but lights a fire under family and friends to get things going. Years ago, it was considered to be a breach of etiquette for the bride’s family to host the bridal shower, as it made it appear as though they were just trying to get gifts. However, today anyone can host the party, including the family of the bride.

Who Gets Invited to the Bridal Shower?

The bridal shower should have a much smaller guest list than the actual wedding. The couple’s closest friends, siblings, parents, and grandparents, as well as any chosen attendants of the bride, flower girl, and mother of the flower girl should be first invites. In some cases, aunts and cousins may also be invited, depending on the size of the guest list. Office showers are a bit different and will usually only include other colleagues at work. Some couples are opting for a co-ed shower that includes men and women, as well as children and extended family members. Again, this will depend on how many people you can afford to invite and how much space you have for bridal shower planning in Milford.

When Should a Bridal Shower Occur?

Depending on where and when the wedding will be held, the bridal shower should be anywhere between two weeks to two months ahead of time. Some opt for shorter time frames due to guests coming in from out-of-town to attend the wedding, while others go for the full two months, so guests aren’t having to travel twice so close together. Tradition held that most people hosted showers in their own home, but many people are now seeking a Milford party venue so they can extend the guest list and have space for everyone to really spread out, mingle, and enjoy the celebration.

Should You Create a Theme?

Party themes are always a great idea, just be careful not to copy the wedding theme unless the bride specifically asks that it be carried through to the shower. Seasonal wedding colors are always a great idea, and it makes it easy to get decorations in that theme. Sometimes a simple subject, such as a garden tea party or a classic “movie night” can be a lot of fun. Think about the bride’s interests, hobbies, and likes to get unique ideas for bridal shower planning in Milford. Work with the on-site caterer to create a menu that reflects the theme at your Milford party venue.

What Activites Are Expected?

Just like other milestone parties, many guests will expect there to be activities or games played at the bridal shower. One of the best tips for Massachusetts brides is to not worry about the games but to just “go with it” and have fun. Many games have to do with trivia about the couple to help family and friends get to appreciate the relationship that they share. Others have more to do with just having a good time, like making a veil out of toilet paper or creating a crown out of gift bows while presents are being opened. Be sure to serve an excellent array of food and desserts for everyone to enjoy as a way of saying thank-you for attending and supporting the bride. If you do that, everything else will just be the icing on the cake, so to speak, and everyone will have a good time.

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