Cake Alternatives: Trends for Your Milford Wedding Reception

Did you know that there are some people who exist that do not like cake? If you are not a fan or just really prefer another option, you don’t have to be boxed into the idea of having a towering (and expensive) wedding cake for your Milford wedding reception. Whether the wedding you are planning is traditional or modern, high-end or a budget wedding reception, there are lots of fun ways to serve a memorable dessert to your guests. When you start making plans for your Southborough wedding ceremony and Milford reception, staging ideas are important. If you want to host a dessert table or have a traditional cake, you will need a place for it during the celebration. Make sure that everything will be convenient for your guests, but also photo-ready for cake cutting or dessert feeding traditions.

A Tower of Beautiful Cupcakes
A huge trend in recent years for weddings, cupcakes can provide lots of great options in one fun tower of desserts. Choose multiple flavors, fillings, frostings, and designs to highlight your wedding colors or theme. This is a great way for the bride and the groom to pick out flavors that they like without having to compromise on taste. Lots of flavor options make it fun for guests too. Depending on the size of your wedding, consider one or two cupcakes for each guest and a dozen or so to take with you on the honeymoon. Cupcake towers can be any shape and size that you want, so take some time to consider the way that you want them presented during your Milford wedding reception.

Delicious Cheesecakes
So maybe a rich, velvety cheesecake is more your style! Consider adding a tower of cheesecakes or an array of bite-sized cheesecake options for your guests. You can even have a regular sized cheesecake to share at your sweetheart table and cut like a traditional cake. Cheesecake toppings can be part of the color scheme or theme for your classic or budget wedding reception. Brilliants reds can be found in cherry or strawberry cheesecake, while beautiful blues and purples can be found in blueberry, boysenberry, and blackberry varieties. Other fruits can also be toppings, such as peaches, orange and lemon slices, bananas, and kiwi, as well as dessert toppings that include chocolate, caramel, and flavored whipped creams with sprinkles.

Ice Cream Social
Another great way to serve a fun treat to your guests is to have an ice cream sundae buffet. Consider bringing in a half dozen ice cream flavors and a dozen or so toppings, along with custom cups, spoons, and napkins that coordinate with your Southborough wedding theme. Speak with the on-site coordinator at the venue for even more Milford reception staging ideas that will let your guests create their own sundaes or give selections to servers for expedited service. Great for weddings that have a lot of kids in attendance, but the adults will enjoy it as well. Select a couple of basic flavors along with some gourmet choices for extra excitement.

Mini Desserts Galore
Having your choices of several mini desserts can be a great way to provide lots of options to your guests. Bite-sized versions of popular desserts, such as cream puffs, macaroons, cheesecakes, cookies, truffles, and parfaits can be a great way to please everyone all at once. You can choose desserts that go along with the theme for your wedding or “rename” them with names that match the theme for your Milford wedding reception. Choose at least four or five different desserts and make sure that there’s enough made to let everyone try at least one dessert each. Make sure to include signs that let guests know what is what to avoid any allergy issues or confusion.

Pies & Pastries
You might not think about apple, cherry or pumpkin pie as a traditional wedding dessert, but the truth is that just a few generations ago before the wedding cake became a trend, homemade pies are what was served to guests following the ceremony. So whether you are hosting a budget wedding reception or an expensive, money-is-no-object affair, consider adding pies and pastries to your menu. Great for a seasonal or rustic theme, handcrafted pies and pastries can be a lot of fun. You can also consider cream pies in addition to fruit and custard varieties, as well as filled croissants, danishes, and tarts.

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