15 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

According to Bride magazine, the average cost of weddings in the United States increased to $26,989 in 2012, despite the fact that the Wall Street Journal reported in June 2012 that the median annual wage fell to $26,364 for the same period. While its true that the cost of living […] Read more »

How to Have a Stress-Free Wedding in Providence

To say that planning a ceremony and wedding reception can be a stressful situation is an understatement. Every tiny detail from the flowers to the food, the band and the attire, needs to be planned out from start to finish. Unless you can afford to hire a wedding planner or […] Read more »

9 Things to Look for in a Wedding Reception Hall

When it comes time to choose a wedding reception hall for your Southborough wedding, there are specific things you need to look for in a venue. Whether the features and amenities offered are sufficient for the number of guests you will be inviting or the wedding activities you wish to […] Read more »

Should You Buy Your Wedding Dress Online or in Hopkinton?

When you start planning your wedding in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, you might realize rather quickly that your choices for wedding dresses is rather limited. Fortunately, today’s bride has instant access to a whole planet worth of bridal gowns and dresses through the power of the Internet. But the real question is: […] Read more »