Who Should You Invite to a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA?

Milford Wedding Venue

There are many different types of weddings. Some are modern and contemporary, totally bucking tradition and paving their way with unique decorations, themes, and wedding reception activities. Others are purely traditional, embracing everything we all expect from a classic wedding reception. Everything that you choose to include in your special […] Read more »

How to Choose the Best Venue for a Family Party in Milford

Party Venue in Milford, MA

While many family get-togethers occur at someone’s home, there are certain celebrations that require more space. Inviting close family, extended family, far-away family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues can require the use of a party room in Milford, MA. Whether you are hosting a baby shower in Southeastern Massachusetts or want […] Read more »

Massachusetts Traditions: What is a Classic Wedding Reception?

Massachusetts Wedding Traditions

Some couples choose their wedding day to express their personalities and interests, embracing unique themes and decor to help their special day stand out. However, other couples choose instead to stick with tradition for their Massachusetts wedding reception, deciding instead to embrace ideas that will provide them with a classic […] Read more »