Ceremony and Reception Planning at the Same Southcoast Venue

While it was once tradition to have a big ceremony at a religious location, such as a church or synagogue, but over the years, couples have chosen some pretty unique venues for exchanging vows. Destination weddings, outdoor ceremonies at a park, beach, wharf, or lake, as well as unusual locations, like getting married at a sports venue, have become commonplace. Another trend that has picked up steam in recent years is the all-in-one venue, where the couple gets married on-site and then transition directly into the reception can make things a lot easier – and help save time and money on planning. So instead of getting married in Attleboro and then get all the guests to drive to your Milford wedding reception, you can work on choosing a reception hall that will allow you to do your ceremony and reception planning in one place.

Advantages of All-in-One Wedding Venues

As you might imagine, there are distinct benefits associated with choosing one single location for everything on your special day. Instead of trying to coordinate events with two separate locations – and having to pay deposits, fees, and meet the requirements of two facilities – you will only have to focus on one. You can save on costs associated with transporting the wedding party and providing a map to guests so they can move from the ceremony to the reception. So many couples report guests getting lost from point A to point B when they use multiple venues, so this option would eliminate those frustrating phone calls.

Other advantages include being able to use the decor from the ceremony at the reception without having to drag flower centerpieces, swags, and other elements from one location to the next. You can have on-site staff, volunteers, or professional wedding service providers rearrange the setup from the ceremony to the reception quickly while you’re out taking photos with the wedding party, family, and greeting guests after the ceremony. A smooth transition from exchanging vows to celebrating with cocktails can be a welcome turn of events for guests as well who may be hungry or thirsty after sitting through the wedding. Make sure to include hors D’oeurves for guests along with beverage service to tide them over until the food is served.

Options for Exotic Location Photos

One of the reasons why couples preferred to have the ceremony at one location and reception at the next is the opportunity to take photos with multiple backdrops. One way to overcome this is to schedule a photo shoot with your photographer after the wedding at exotic locations, such as on the beach, in the woods, at a park, or with other popular backdrops. You can do this with the entire wedding party or just keep it as a couples’ shoot to save time and money on this extra session. Your photographer has likely done this for many clients, so if you trust them, lean on their advice on how to get the pictures you want, regardless of how you arrange your wedding day.

Speak with the wedding venue when choosing a reception hall to find out about photographic areas near the facility. They have been doing this a long time as well and can assist in some surprising ways with your ceremony and reception planning. A nearby lake, park, or wooded area might be popular with clients for photos, depending on the season. The more time you take to talk about your ideas, ask questions, and take advantage of the services included with your Milford wedding reception, the easier it will be to get everything you want for your special day. From taking photos to having the amenities you require to put on certain wedding activities or accommodate special guests, the venue that you choose for your wedding reception will play a big role in achieving all of your goals.

Success is in the Details

Regardless of the type of wedding you host, whether you are getting married in Attleboro or Fall River and celebrating with a big reception in Milford, the more time you invest in ceremony and reception planning, the better. Become a list maker! Create lists for all elements of your wedding, from a vendor check-up list to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and when their services are needed, to a list of items that you will want to have with you at the premier wedding venue. Ask about parking arrangements and make sure there is ample room for all of your guests; create opportunities for guests to be entertained, mingled, or fed while you transition from the ceremony to the reception; and ensure that everyone knows how to get there in the first place.

Contact our team at The Crystal Room wedding venue to speak with our experienced event planners about your ideas for a Milford wedding reception. We can assist with a wide range of services and help you iron out the details for ceremony and reception planning, whether you do it all on-site or not. Coordinating with staff, food service, transportation, and other essential services can seem overwhelming, but when you have a solid team at your side, it becomes a lot easier. Call The Crystal Room at 508-478-7800 to check on availability or to schedule a tour of our venue.