Choose the Best Wedding Gowns in Wrentham for Your Body Type

It’s time to have an honest discussion about wedding gowns. There are websites dedicated to help you choose the best kind of jeans for your body type and now there’s a new reality TV show that focuses on helping women get the right bra size and shape for their body type. So why not take some time and make sure that the wedding dress you’ve got your heart set on is one of the best wedding gowns in Wrentham for your body type? This article will focus on delivering helpful hints and tips to ensure that your bridal gown will help you look your best on your wedding day, from the ceremony all the way through to the wedding reception.

Pear-Shaped Girls
If your body type is what is considered to be “pear-shaped,” meaning that your hip measurement is greater than your bust measurement, you will want to look for an A-line silhouette style dress that will gradually flare out from your waist to the floor. What this does is to naturally highlight the narrowness of your waist and move the line of vision away from your hips and thighs.

People with pear-shaped body types generally have a larger rear end, heavier thighs and smaller bosom. Fabrics that work well with this type of dress and body type include taffeta, duchess satin and other sturdy fabrics that won’t cling to the body during the ceremony or wedding reception. If you have a slender upper body, you can also choose to wear a plunging V neckline or a bodice with spaghetti straps.

Apple-Shaped Girls
If your body type is what is considered to be “apple-shaped,” meaning that your shoulders are broader and wider compared to your hips, you will want to look for a dress that cinches at the waistline and then flares out into an A-line shape. Bodices that have a lot of texture to them, such as lace or other appliques, should be used to create a corset-like effect. Choosing a deep V-shaped neckline will help to slenderize your upper body, drawing the eyes to you vertically and not horizontally.

People with apple-shaped bodies tend to have slimmer legs and things with fat distribution focusing primarily on the face, chest and abdomen. Don’t choose dresses that will emphasize the areas that you are the widest, such as trumpet-style dresses. for the best wedding gowns, choose a look that will enhance your best assets, while working to camouflage the areas that you want to hide.

Hourglass-Shaped Girls
Do you have a lot of curves? The hourglass-shaped look is also sometimes called an “X-shape” because the upper and lower body areas are wider and of nearly equal size with a much more narrow waist. Choose a wedding dress with scooped necklines to show off your busty qualities without showing off too much. When picking strapless gowns, go for the sweetheart neckline, which will dip slightly and enhance your bust, not cut it off, like straight necklines, which aren’t flattering to curvy girls.

People with hourglass-shaped bodies will generally have more body fat in the upper and lower body, enlarging the arms, hips, chest and rear before affecting the upper abdomen and waist areas. Choose bridal gown fabrics that have a bit of shine to them, such as silk, satin or organza, to call attention to your best areas naturally.

Plus-Sized Girls
Unfortunately, the fashion industry has placed anyone that wears a size 12 and above into the plus-sized category. However, the good news is that there are a lot of bridal gowns available for women of all shapes and sizes. The best wedding gowns for this body type include an Empire dress, which features a skirt that starts just below the bust and flows to an A-line shape that is floor-length. Do not choose Empire seams that start on or above your chest or it will look more like a maternity dress than a bridal gown.

Choose fabrics for your wedding dress that provide structure, rather than cling to areas you don’t want to accentuate. Satin is a good choice, however airier fabrics can be used as long as you have a stiffer base underneath to prevent clinging.

Tall Girls
While shorter girls look at you with envy, you understand all too well that minimizing your height, while making sure to choose dresses that fit your longer arms and legs proportionately is essential. Choose dresses with lower waistlines, hems that sweep the floor and sleeves that go past the wrist, if you are considering wedding gowns in Wrentham with sleeves. Go for a simple silhouette without a lot of accessories. Using too many extras, such as rosettes, ruffles and other embellishments can look excessive on a tall person.

Short Girls
The best wedding gowns for short girls include A-line, sheath and trumpet styles. Choose a wedding dress that has a high waistline to create the illusion of height. Use small accessories and avoid large bows. Keep embellishments on the bodice and away from the skirt to draw the eye upward. Stay away from bridal gowns that feature dropped waists or ball gown style dresses. Too much skirt can make your legs look smaller.

Planning for the Wedding Reception
A lot of brides plan for the ceremony, choosing a long train or sweeping skirt that will look great on the steps in the cathedral, but will be difficult to dance in or enjoy the wedding reception later on that evening. Choose a bridal gown that will allow you the freedom of movement so you can enjoy your first dance, the dance with your father and every dance after that. Make sure you leave yourself a little bit of room in your wedding dress so you can taste all that expensive food that you just paid for and have a bite of wedding cake with your groom.