Choose Your Wedding Colors: Top Trends for 2015 MA Weddings

wedding-color-trendsEvery year there are a new set of trending colors for brides to choose from for their Massachusetts wedding reception. Hosting your wedding party in New England opens the options up beyond just the basic trending colors and allows you to choose your wedding colors based on the beautiful shades of the season as well. Whether you decide to pick a popular color scheme for your ceremony and reception, or if you would rather just pick your own favorite colors, it is good to know what’s “hot” and what’s “not” for weddings in 2015.

The Season Matters

Even if you choose to pick trending colors, it is important to still pay attention to the season. That doesn’t mean that you need to choose pumpkin orange for a fall wedding or stick with white and silver for a winter wedding, but you do need to be mindful of what colors will coordinate well with your surroundings and the time of year. Many brides choose to get married in the spring or summer because those seasons are great for color and plentiful in choices of quality local flowers that won’t break the bank.

Pastel is Powerful

This year’s colors will be in more muted pastel hues. Bright shades will be mixed and matched in using coordinating colors, but it is the lighter pastel colors that will really shine through this wedding season. When it comes time to choose your colors for your Massachusetts wedding reception, make sure to think about matching floral arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding decor. You can host a budget wedding reception and still use the hippest colors of the season if you learn to blend those colors in with more basic options that might be more affordable.

The Top 7 Colors for Weddings in 2015

To help brides choose the colors that are best suited for their wedding theme, the location of their ceremony and reception, as well as any other elements that they want to include, sometimes it is beneficial to look at the annual top list of colors that the experts believe will be the most popular for the coming year. While the colors may be similar to some of the colors that we have seen in recent years, the shade, hue, brightness and contrast of the colors themselves will often be slightly different to reflect a new trend.

  • WATERMELON PINK – This color is vibrant, yet muted enough to not be overpowering. Works great with bouquets, bridesmaids’ dresses, colorful accents on the guests tables, napkins, invitations and in many other decorative elements. Really sets the tone for a spring or summer wedding, eliciting memories of beautiful summer days. Great for an outdoor wedding or to bring the outdoors inside for your budget wedding reception.
  • ORCHID – This is the lightest, palest purple possible and it is a beautiful color for both spring and summer weddings. Lots of floral options available to coordinate with this shade that won’t break the bank – even for a budget wedding reception. Offsets beautiful with white, pale green and darker purples for memorable invites, centerpieces, wedding party attire, bouquets and much more.
  • PISTACHIO – The great thing about this color is that is can be done in a variation, sort of like an ombre palette of muted greens. Excellent for outdoor weddings and a great backdrop for classic wedding styles, invitations, bridal accents, floral centerpieces, favors and other decorations. While it really “shouts” spring, it is colorful enough to use for a summer wedding and could even be carried on into fall with a slightly darker hue.
  • CELESTIAL BLUE – A muted bluish-grey that is an excellent choice for your wedding party in New England. It embraces the colors of the seashore theme that many brides choose from a Massachusetts wedding reception and is the perfect shade to offset a brilliant white wedding dress. Infuse the color throughout the entire event: ribbons tied around bouquets, bridesmaids’ dresses, floral arrangements, cake decoration elements and favors.
  • SOFT LEMON – This shade of yellow is a “barely there” color that is perfect for a light and airy wedding theme. Works great with a wide variety of coordinating or contrasting shades for bouquets, balloons, wedding cakes, invitations, wedding party attire and much more. An excellent choice for a sweet country theme wedding or an elegant dinner party style event. Combine with other pastel shades for a colorful Massachusetts wedding reception.
  • LEAF GREEN – Brighter than the pistachio color, which is also trending, the leaf green color is great for year-round wedding ceremonies and receptions. Outfit your entire wedding party in New England in this beautiful color and coordinate bouquets, centerpieces, invitations and other decorations in this delightful hue for an all around gorgeous wedding. Matches well with lighter greens and pinks for place settings, wedding cakes and other accessories.
  • CARAMEL – While it might not sound like a true pastel color, caramel is really a very popular color trend that coordinates well with many other pastel shades. Great for fall weddings, especially at a wedding party in New England with all of the fall leaves and colors, but also a respectable choice for other seasons when properly paired with other colors. Great for off-white wedding dresses, country theme wedding decor and outdoor weddings.

Coordinate Color With the Venue

Before you choose your wedding colors, make sure to pick out the locations for your ceremony and your Massachusetts wedding reception. The Crystal Room is a premier venue located in Milford, featuring a newly renovated ballroom and other well appointed facilities that would be an excellent choice for an elegant or budget wedding reception – and everything in between. Our professional event planners will help you coordinate your wedding reception, help you select menu items, organize vendors and take care of all the important details.

To find out more about hosting your wedding party in New England at The Crystal Room, contact our staff by calling 508-478-7800. Our custom wedding packages include a four-course plated meal, cake cutting service, framed table numbers, floor length ivory linens with your choice of napkin colors, a champagne toast for all your guests and much more. Call us at your earliest convenience to set up a consultation or to view our facility.