Choosing a Reception Hall and Theme for a MA Sweet 16 Party

sweet-16-partyPlanning a party for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday can be a lot of work – if you don’t know what you are doing. However, if you start by choosing a party room in Milford, MA that can accommodate your daughter and all of her friends, you can start building up the rest of the party from there. Choosing a reception hall is the most important decision in planning a sweet sixteen party in Massachusetts. Once you have the venue chosen you can pick a date, once you pick a date you can send out invitations, once you get RSVP notices back you can start planning menus, cakes, decorations and other essential options for the big day.

Themes Can Help
One way to keep your focus when planning a party, whether it is a birthday party, holiday party, office party or even a wedding reception, is to choose a theme. Pick something that your daughter likes, such as a movie or television show, a special hobby or interest – even a theme that is centered around her signature colors. Make sure to pick a fun theme that will make it easy for you to start choosing coordinated decorations, food items, cake styles, invitations and everything else that will bring your party together. A quick search online will yield lots of great ideas for themes that you can work with to make a unique celebration for your daughter. You can also work with the event coordinator at your party room in Milford, MA to get even more great ideas.

Some of the popular themes for Sweet 16 parties include:

  • Decades of Fun – 40’s Big Band, 50’s Sock Hop, 70’s Disco Party, 80’s Hair Bands, etc.
  • Princesses and Fairytales – classic, Disney or Hollywood
  • Carnivals and Circuses – can even include performers
  • Cartoons and Characters – television, movies, classics, etc.
  • Beach or Camp Out Parties – indoors or outdoors
  • Color Themes – black-and-white, pink, purple, seasonal or neon-and-black-light
  • Elegant Party – formal attire required
  • Garden or Team Party – great for “just the girls”
  • Hollywood Premiere – including velvet ropes, photo op backgrounds and the works
  • Holiday Celebrations – Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.
  • Cultural Celebrations – Cinco de Mayo, Oktoberfest, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian Luau, etc.
  • School Spirit – jocks and cheerleaders
  • Murder Mystery – host an interactive party where a mystery is presented and solved
  • Pirates, Rock Stars, Wild West, Zombies, Mermaids, etc.

As you go through the list of theme ideas for a sweet sixteen party in Massachusetts, you can probably already start picturing ideas for decorations, food, treats, cakes, attire, invitations and much more. Go over your ideas with your teen and let her help you make these decisions. Just make sure to set a budget for each area of party planning to prevent over-spending in one area at the sacrifice or detriment of another. Planning a party can be a lot of fun and once you choose your theme and the party room in Milford, MA where you will host it, the rest of it gets a lot easier.

Work With the Venue
The Crystal Room is a premier reception and party venue located just a minute off the I-495. Newly renovated and designed specifically with parties, gatherings and events in mind, The Crystal Room is fully equipped to handle just about anything that you would want to include in your sweet sixteen party in Massachusetts. Plenty of parking, space for a DJ or live band, extra bridal suite room options available for outfit changes during the event for the birthday girl and her closest friends, plus lots of technology options available for showing videos, playing music or even allowing guests to use on-site Wi-Fi and charge their mobile devices.

Our on-site event coordinator can work with you to plan everything you will need to pull off your special event at the party room in Milford, MA. When choosing a reception hall for your special day, make sure to pick a venue that can provide you with all of the things you need to create the party of your dreams. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to find out more about our party facility or to schedule a tour.