Choosing a Reception Menu for Southcoast Wedding Celebration

Southcoast Wedding VenueThere are so many details that must be considered for a wedding reception at a Milford party venue like The Crystal Room. Choosing a reception menu is one of those things that you must think about very carefully so you can provide the best options for your guests. The time of day, season, wedding theme and the number of guests can all play a role in the reception menu ideas that you choose for your special day. Whether you are hosting a budget wedding reception or have a lot of money set aside for your celebration, you need to look at all of your choices when you plan the menu.

Outside of the bride’s dress and the DJ or band, guests talk most frequently about the food. When you choose a quality Milford party venue for your reception, make sure to ask about the in-house catering options. Our staff will help you with the planning of your wedding reception and offer tasting opportunities for the bride and groom. While our Custom Wedding Package includes options for a four-course plated menu, couples can choose from a wide range of other selections to create a menu that reflects their personality, interests, and overall wedding theme.

Morning Wedding Celebrations

Some couples choose to have a wedding and reception earlier in the day, hosting a Continental-style breakfast or elegant brunch. Fruit salads, breakfast pastries, fresh-baked muffins, assorted egg dishes, and breakfast meats, along with juices, coffee, and tea are among the favorites that our clients choose for reception menu ideas. Whether you are hosting a budget wedding reception or something more extravagant, make sure to work with our team to select a menu that is best-suited to the theme of your wedding.

Cocktail Wedding Receptions

Another way to save money without skimping on quality is to host a cocktail wedding reception, which includes either stationary or passed hors d’oeuvres, an appetizer buffet, or limited reception menu ideas for your guests. A custom cocktail, limited wine and beer selections, or non-alcoholic beverages are typical with this type of gathering if an open bar situation is not wanted or affordable. Our team can help match the menu for this type of event with your theme to help you with choosing a reception menu that your guests will appreciate. Pasta, salads, seafood, cultural food items, and classic favorites can all be included in this type of wedding reception menu.

Four-Course Menu Options

For couples who choose the Custom Wedding Package at The Crystal Room, there are quite a few options available to pick from for reception menu ideas in our four-course menu. Course one is the soup course, including your choice of homemade chicken escarole, vegetable minestrone, or Italian wedding soup. Course two is the salad course, which includes your choice of either a garden salad with croutons and Italian dressing or a Classic Caesar salad with shredded Parmesan and Caesar dressing. Course three is the main course, which includes your choice of roast turkey, center-cut stuffed pork loin, or two types of baked stuffed boneless breast of chicken with all the trimmings. Included in the third course is your options for vegetables and starches as accompaniments with the entree. Course four is the dessert course, which includes a wedding cake and a coffee or tea station.

Menu Upgrades at The Crystal Room

Picking options for a classic or budget wedding reception can also mean making upgrades throughout the menu. Upgrade hors d’oeuvres to fancy shrimp or mini Beef Wellingtons, along with a wide range of other popular selections. Course two upgrades include a classic antipasto and a variety of traditional Italian pasta dishes. Course three upgrades include sumptuous options that include roasted prime rib of beef, surf and turf, lamb chops, chicken cordon bleu, and much more. Speak with a representative about these upgrades when selecting reception menu ideas, as well as upgrade options for side dishes and dessert stations in addition to your wedding cake. Buffets and stations can also be added, upon request.

Schedule a Tour of The Crystal Room

When searching for a reputable Milford party venue, make sure to include The Crystal Room on your short list. We can help you create a beautiful space for your wedding celebration with all of the amenities and options for choosing a reception menu that will win over your guests. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour or discuss your reception menu ideas with one of our team members. Take advantage of our on-site event coordinator and all of the included services available for couples who choose to host their wedding ceremony or reception at our well-appointed venue.