Choosing The Perfect Wedding Videographer

Recording wedding dayWhen you choose a wedding photographer, you want to do so carefully. The same applies when you are choosing a wedding videographer. You need someone who knows what they are doing. If you are dealing with a wedding venue that offers wedding packages, you may be able to include the videographer with the package and choose from a number of videographers with established relationships with the venue. This means you will be getting experience and quality.

But if you wish to choose your own or you want to compare the videographers that have worked with the venue, there are some wedding video tips for you to take into consideration so you can make the right choice. They are:

•    Know your options – The most affordable option is going to be a “point-and-shoot” videographer. This is basic documentation of the day, so they are the least expensive option. There are no frills or anything of the sort. A heavily produced video with music and other elements will cost more, so make sure you know what you would be getting. It is important to note that a basic point-and-shoot video can have music integrated into it.
•    Ask to see other videos that they have done – This is so you can get an idea of the videographer’s style. This is one of the best wedding video tips you can receive because you don’t want your video to be a style that is far outside of your own taste. What you want to see are entire edited tapes from a single wedding rather than a “best of” demo put together by the videographer.
•    Video with a twist – If you want video with a twist, then you need a videographer who will do that. Perhaps you want an HBO documentary-style video. Of course, this is going to cost more than a point-and-shoot video, but it is something that can be nice and dramatic. It is as if your video is shot by a “fly on the wall” rather than a videographer. Expect to pay thousands of dollars for this type of wedding video.
•    Their equipment – You want to take a look at the equipment that they are using. The best videographers will use three-chip broadcast digital cameras and/or equipment that performs well in low-light situations, such as a ballroom with dim lights. They need to be outfitted for all light situations.
•    Another type of video splurge – If you want an 8 mm or 16mm film, then you are going to have the silky look of a Hollywood movie. This can make your wedding play more like a film. If you have the budget, the quality may be something that you want to go for. In most cases, these videos are a pure work of art and great to commemorate your big day with.
•    Videographer versatility – You do want to check the videographer’s versatility. The best wedding videographers are able to accommodate different tastes, which means they can film in different styles.
•    Lighting – Lighting is important. As stated before, the Massachusetts wedding videographer should have equipment to accommodate different light situations. This can include having lights to mount on the camera or lights on stands around the room to use when necessary.
•    Camera stabilizers – This is an important piece of equipment because it means that the videographer can film smooth video rather than shaky video. He or she is able to move around the wedding without having too much shakiness. In other words, this eliminates the boring shots that occur when a camera is mounted on a tripod the entire time.

Taking all of these elements and options into consideration will help you find a Massachusetts wedding videographer who has everything needed to produce the perfect wedding video for you. Keep in mind that every videographer is different in the way of experience, ability, style, and equipment. Ask as many questions as you want to ask so you can gather the information that you want and need so you can make an informed decision about your wedding video. Remember that it is the one video that is going to record the most important day of your life, so you want it to be perfect.


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