Choosing Wedding Reception Entertainment in Worcester, MA

The type of music and entertainment you choose for your wedding reception near Worcester, MA, can really set the tone for your event. Will your guests dance the night away or go home grumbling about your choice in music? Everyone spends so much time worrying about the food and the cake, but the music itself can make or break the party, providing long-lasting positive or negative memories of your special day. The last thing a bride and groom need is more pressure, but this is one important area of wedding planning that you need to get right.

The best way to make a choice is to ask yourself a series of questions about what you hope to get out of your wedding reception entertainment. Deciding whether or not to hire a wedding DJ or band is part of the equation, but there are lots of other things to consider as well. Write down your wedding reception entertainment ideas and take a moment to answer the following questions before you make your choice.

What Type of “Vibe” Do You Want at Your Wedding?
The theme of your wedding can greatly influence the type of wedding reception entertainment you choose. For example, a classic or classy-style wedding might mean hiring a string quartet or hiring a DJ to play traditional wedding songs. You definitely wouldn’t want disco music or a loud, heavy metal sound for that type of wedding. Choosing the type of music, as well as the manner in which it is delivered via DJ or live band, will really work to bring home the vibe or theme of your event.

What Is Your Budget?
When it comes to choosing between a live band and a DJ, you will find that a wedding DJ costs considerably less than it does to hire a band. Bands are made up of three or more people and each person needs to get paid, whereas a DJ is just one person. However, prices will vary depending upon popularity of the entertainment for your wedding reception near Worcester, MA, and costs can also vary between weekdays and weekends. Make sure to ask about all costs up front so you won’t get any surprises at your wedding reception.

How Much Space Will You Have?
When you pick the location for your wedding reception, make sure to ask how much space is available and whether or not there are any restrictions as to the size of the band you can hire. There also may be limitations regarding the volume of noise and the power supply available, which can affect the type of band you want to hire. Before you go out and get a nine piece country band to fulfill your reception entertainment ideas, make sure it will work with the venue. Depending on space and other requirements, you may be better off saving money by getting a country music DJ to play your favorite wedding songs instead.

The Pros (and Cons) of Hiring a Live Band
Of course there’s nothing quite like live entertainment to get any party hopping. Whether your tastes run to the sophisticated and classic or if you want more of a rock-n-roll party type atmosphere, a live band is a great way to celebrate your special day. In most cases the front man of the band you hire will play the emcee or announcer for special events within your party, such as the cutting of the cake or the retrieval of the garter.

  • The Pros – A live band is a great asset to help infuse life into a wedding reception if no one is dancing or getting involved. A live performance is very memorable and you can choose from a number of genre specific bands for your wedding reception near Worcester, MA or select a band that will play a variety of different wedding songs and popular hits.
  • The Cons – A live band will definitely cost you more than a DJ or other reception entertainment ideas. A DJ can bring a wider variety of music and have a much larger volume of tunes on hand to play during your wedding reception than any band can have in their repertoire.

The Pros (and Cons) of Hiring a DJ
There are a lot of choices available in hiring a DJ for your wedding reception these days. Gone are the crazy flashing lights and disco music you remember from high school. DJs are considered to be artists these days and can offer an eclectic mix of musical styles that will appeal to all your guests. Because the DJ plays recorded music, you won’t have to worry about hearing bad “cover versions” of your wedding songs.

  • The Pros – A wedding DJ will take up less space at your reception hall than a band would, giving you a larger dance floor and more room for other special activities. You can put in requests for special songs ahead of time to ensure that the DJ has a track of favorites ready ahead of time. DJs are usually less expensive than bands and can take more requests from guests than a live band can typically manage.
  • The Cons – It can sometimes be difficult to find a wedding DJ that has a musical interest and personality that matches yours. A boring DJ won’t be able to save your dwindling party and won’t be able to get the guests out on the dance floor. A DJ won’t be able to extend the length of a song if needed to accommodate a special father-daughter dance like a band could.

Making the Decision
It can be tough to decide between a wedding DJ and a live band for your wedding reception near Worcester, MA. Your best bet is to get all the facts together about all of your options and identify which solutions fit your budget, the space you have available and will play the wedding songs and provide the reception entertainment ideas that are most important to you and your soon-to-be spouse.