Classic Wedding Reception Themes in New England

It can be a lot of fun planning a reception in New England. There are so many options available to brides and grooms living in and around the Massachusetts area. When most people think about the northeastern states, they generally think about the crisp colors of the fall leaves and the blankets of white snow in the winter. However, for those of us who live within the region, the natural beauty and distinct attributes of the area, make it an appealing location for a wedding ceremony and reception any time of year.

When it comes to collecting ideas for wedding receptions, particularly classic wedding ideas, the charm and appeal of New England make a beautiful backdrop for a number of different wedding reception themes. From the mountains to the ocean; from the lakes to the woods; this article will focus on classic wedding ideas that will help you in planning a reception in New England in spring, summer, fall and winter.

Spring Brides
There are a lot of great locations available throughout the region that would be perfect for a wedding ceremony. Depending on your religious background and preference, there are a lot of options available, as well as a lot of great outdoor locations that would work as well. In the spring months, when the flowers are in bloom, consider an outdoor wedding ceremony in a country garden or a wedding near the shore.

From historical sites and parks to gorgeous wedding halls, such as The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts, there are a lot of great places to host your classic wedding reception themes and ceremonies. When planning a reception in New England, try to think about the seasonal foods and flowers that are available this time of year. In the springtime, when everything is fresh and new as Massachusetts melts from the winter months, it’s easy to see how pastel shades of pink and blue, alongside bunches of fresh greenery, could be so inspirational to the spring bride.

Other ideas for wedding receptions in the spring include fresh, local produce as a part of the reception menu. Spring salads, tossed with local fruits and nuts, served alongside a light dish of free-range chicken or local-caught fish, could be just the combination that will satisfy both the locals and your out-of-town guests. An elegant multi-tier wedding cake decorated with sugar flowers that mimic the wedding colors and the time of year will be just the perfect centerpiece to accent your special day.

Summer Brides
New England in the summertime is a gorgeous place to be. Coastal weddings are popular in Massachusetts this time of year. The lakeside resorts and beaches of Cape Cod add a sophisticated element to any wedding ceremony. Our local lighthouses, boat clubs and seaports offer many opportunities to create a unique backdrop for your vows or wedding party photos.

However, when it comes to planning a reception in New England, it’s a good idea to bring your party inland for the evening. Wedding reception themes that embrace both the seaside and countryside aspects of life in Massachusetts will help you celebrate your new life together and share a bit of your home with guests from outside the region. Better parking, more affordable rates and more options to rent blocks of hotel rooms for your guests, are just some of the advantages to moving your wedding reception away from the tourist areas.

Again, take advantage of all the bounties of the season when you consider ideas for wedding receptions in the summer. Think lots of tiny white lights and an outdoor seating area for the wedding party or guests, while serving local fare and summery mixed drinks as you dance the night away under the stars. Speak with your wedding reception venue manager for ideas about incorporating indoor and outdoor areas to take advantage of the glorious weather.

Fall Brides
From September on until the holiday season, there are few places on the planet that are more alive and gorgeous than the New England states. People come from all over the world to view the deep red, orange and yellow hues as the entire region comes into bloom. Classic wedding ideas for fall brides should definitely incorporate the popular colors and themes of the season, using floral decorations and other elements that help bring the beautiful outdoors into your wedding ceremony and celebration.

Seasonal menu items, such as world renowned New England clam chowder, Boston baked beans and other comfort foods, should be served alongside classic wedding fare to incorporate the regional tastes into your wedding. Check with your reception hall manager for wedding reception themes that can help you coordinate your menu with the season by putting you in touch with local caterers in Milford and the surrounding area that specialize in regional foods.

Depending on the month that you choose for your wedding reception and the temperature outdoors, you might be able to get away with having some of your reception events outdoors. Wedding party photos during this time of year can be very colorful and unique. Photo opportunity locations between the ceremony location and the wedding reception hall, can be at local farms or apple orchards, using barns, pumpkins and other produce as props or part of the backdrop.

Winter Brides
When you think about planning a reception in New England, you might only consider hitting the ski lodges of Vermont that feature a beautiful snow-capped mountain range as a backdrop. However, there are plenty of beautiful locations all throughout Milford Massachusetts and the Boston area that make the perfect winter locale for classic wedding ideas and events.

Just because it’s wicked cold, doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the outdoors and the season into your wedding reception themes. Think ice sculptures as centerpieces, winter color schemes as part of your overall wedding reception decor and local cranberries and other seasonal items as inspiration for your special day.

Scout out locations in the months leading up to your wedding and ask reception hall managers about any specials, discounts or accommodations that are included for wedding receptions that occur in the winter months. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and consider new ideas for wedding receptions and decor that are influenced by the winter season that you might not have considered otherwise.

Any Time is a Good Time for a New England Wedding
So whether you are having a warm summer night banquet or enjoying a crisp and cool evening surrounded by flowers; or if you are enveloped in the greenery of the summer season or snuggling up with your groom on a cold winter’s night, New England is a fantastic place to have you wedding and/or reception. There are lots of options, ideas and opportunities for any bride and groom to have the classic wedding reception of their dreams.