Crazy Bride Syndrome: Plan a Wedding Reception in Milford, MA

Planning a weddingSo you’re just sitting there, minding your own business, when all of a sudden out of nowhere he proposes and asks you to marry him. What do you do? After saying yes and announcing it to all of your family and friends, it’s time to start planning. Whether you want to have a contemporary, classic, fun or elegant wedding reception, you need to start making a list of everything you need to do from choosing the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall to planning wedding reception activities and make sure that nothing gets forgotten or overlooked. After all, the plan is to just do this once, right?

Crazy Bride Syndrome is an alternate to the popular “Bridezilla” term that gets tossed around rather frequently these days. Crazy Bride Syndrome can also be Crazy Couple Syndrome and it is caused by allowing yourself to get too stressed out during the planning of your wedding reception in Milford, MA. It is important to find ways to reduce stress, take time out to just breathe and enjoy the preparations for your big day, and remember how to enjoy life again. One of the best ways to do this is to take a big step and book the location as soon as you can.

Why Location is Important
Once you choose the location for your casual or elegant wedding reception, everything else can begin to fall into place. For example, if you were to book the Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall at The Crystal Room, you have the option of choosing a custom wedding package, which includes your choice of menu for a four-course plated meal and a lot of extras that will considerably cut down on the amount of planning and work you will need to do. In addition, you also receive the services of our on-site personal event coordinator who can help you to plan your event.

Some of the other services that are included in our custom wedding package include:

  • five hour use of The Crystal Room for your elegant wedding reception
  • elegantly framed table numbers to help with organization
  • floor length ivory linens with your choice of napkin color to coordinate with your wedding colors and reception theme
  • a champagne toast for you and ALL of your guests
  • cake enhancements and cake cutting services
  • complimentary food tasting for the bride and groom during planning

This is a great way to check a large portion of your planning list off just by making one decision regarding the location of your wedding reception in Milford, MA. Once you choose the location and set the date, you can start booking vendors for wedding reception activities, such as the DJ, live band or other entertainment, photographers, videographers and purchasing the invitations. It all hinges on the location, the date and the amount of space that you will have for guests and reception staging.

Solutions for Crazy Bride Syndrome
To further avoid becoming a victim of Crazy Bride Syndrome and driving all of your friends and family members away in horror of the monster that you have become, it is important to understand what can cause this disorder. Things like planning fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of help, lack of support and pushy relatives and soon-to-be in-laws can be the culprit. Each bride, couple and situation is different, but if you can identify these stressors early on, you will be able to overcome them and not sink into total craziness by the time your wedding day arrives.

  • Plan Dates – Make sure to plan date nights with you and your fiance leading up to the wedding. Even a standing “date night” in the middle of the week to give you a chance to unwind and just gaze into each others’ eyes can help to reduce stress. Going out for pizza or a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant is the best excuse to get away from thinking about wedding reception activities, even if just for a couple of hours.
  • Get Help – Try to enlist the help of your bridal party to assist with planning your elegant wedding reception. Choosing your maid of honor and bridesmaids needs to be strategic. Select someone that is organized, genuinely helpful and has the time to go with you for fittings or assist with decorations, should the need arise. A good bridal party can be a great support system that will prevent you from totally losing it and giving into the crazy.
  • Get Professional Help – When you book your Southeastern Massachusetts reception hall, it helps to know if you have the assistance of a planning coordinator or not. The Crystal Room can help you plan your wedding reception in Milford, MA and even provide you with advice for hiring vendors, staging your reception, creating a schedule of wedding reception activities and make adjustments to menus or other arrangements. If you can’t afford a professional wedding planner, lean on the expert advice of our team for your special day.
  • Learn to Relax – In addition to planning dates, make sure to plan some relaxing activities in between your planning sessions for an elegant wedding reception. A nice day at the spa, a weekend trip with your girlfriends or fiance, activities that you enjoy or just a day of doing nothing can make a world of difference. Don’t allow wedding planning to consume your every waking moment or even to overtake every weekend between now and your wedding.

The Crystal Room Can Help
If you are planning a wedding ceremony and reception in the South Coast area of Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, consider The Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Newly renovated in 2014, our facility is a premiere venue that hosts wedding ceremonies, receptions, engagement parties, bridal showers and a number of other elegant events throughout the year. Our team can help you to get a head start on planning your special day, assist in coordinating with vendors for your wedding reception activities, offer extra options in addition to our custom wedding package and much more. Give us a call at 508-478-7800 to schedule a tour of our location or to get a FREE ESTIMATE on one of our custom wedding packages.