Create a Memorable Milford Wedding Reception for Your Guests

memorable-weddingJust because your wedding day is your big day, doesn’t mean that it will naturally be as memorable for your guests as it will be for you. If you want to create a memorable wedding reception that everyone will be talking about weeks or months after the event, you’ve got to think about your guests, consider some unique post-wedding party ideas and be prepared to spend some time planning beyond the normal wedding reception music and food. Here are eight ideas that you can use to make your wedding reception in Milford, MA a special event to remember.

#1 – The Invitations
It all starts with the invitations. Don’t go cheap and just print out your invitations on your home printer. Go above and beyond to select stationary that expresses the personality of you and your groom, as well as something that will highlight the theme or season of your wedding day. Include an RSVP, a choice of items for the reception dinner and any other extras that will make them feel more welcome.

BONUS – You can send your invitations to the Post Office in Loveville, Maryland for special wedding postmarks that add a unique touch. Send your invites to the Postmaster at Loveville, MD 20656 and include a card that requests the special postmark. Make sure to add postage to all of your invitations so they can be mailed to your guests.

#2 – The Programs
Yes, people make wedding reception programs now. Let your guests know when you’ll be cutting the cake, tossing the bouquet, taking off that garter or any other special traditions that you and your groom’s family enjoy. This will make sure your guests don’t miss any important moments throughout the evening.

BONUS – Create an “About the Wedding Party” section in the program to let your guests know why you selected each member of the bride’s and groom’s attendants. A little background on the best man and maid of honor, as well as notes about each usher and bridesmaid is a great way to introduce them to the rest of your family.

#3 – Photos
One of the best wedding reception staging ideas is to give your photographer a list of photos that you want to get taken throughout the day. The first dance, the father-daughter dance, cutting the cake, your guests enjoying the wedding reception music – there are so many moments that you will want to get captured. The photographer will appreciate knowing what you want so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

BONUS – Make sure to hang your wedding dress on a beautiful silk coat hanger for pictures. Everyone wants to take photos of the bridal gown before the ceremony and a pretty hanger that complements your gown will get noticed and remembered.

#4 – Seating Arrangements
A lot of time is usually spent deciding where the guests will sit during the reception to ensure that everyone has a good time. Take advantage of the seating arrangements to create personal notes for special people, such as parents, grandparents or siblings. Thank them for everything they’ve done for you, wishes for a marriage as blessed as theirs or anything else that lets them know how much you care.

BONUS – Create a special kid’s table for the children who will be in attendance. Use butcher block paper for the tablecloth, include crayons and special party favors that will keep the kids busy. Include a special menu of finger foods and ice cream sundaes. The children will appreciate being remembered and their parents will love you for getting them out of their hair for the evening.

#5 – Flowers
Ask each bridesmaid what her favorite flowers are and create a bouquet made entirely out of that particular bloom. Your bouquet can then be a combination of all those flowers made into one gorgeous arrangement. Many flowers can be purchased in a variety of colors, so even if your bridesmaids pick a flower that isn’t in your wedding colors, it should be fairly easy to find a shade that will match or at least complement your colors.

BONUS – For family members who have passed or cannot attend due to an illness, etc., you can include something special of theirs or something that reminds you of them to incorporate them into your special day. Your grandmother’s pearls, a lace handkerchief from your great-aunt, a lapel pin that belonged to your father – these are all great ways to honor loved ones.

#6 – The Menu
The food that you choose should also be a reflection of your personality, the season that the wedding is taking place or the theme that you have chosen. For a wedding reception in Milford, MA in the fall, think classic New England fare for a touch of local flavor. Move away from the standard “beef or chicken” catering fiasco and make your meal something unique and memorable.

BONUS – Another memorable touch is to create a theme for the cocktails or desserts that will be served at dinner. Post-wedding party ideas include drinks that fit the “something old, something new” theme, an elegant tower of cupcakes that match the wedding cake in miniature or something special from the day your groom proposed.

#7 – Making Memories
There are many “personalized” items available now that guests can participate in to create a memorable keepsake for the bride and groom. Have them use a special pen to sign a platter that will be used at gatherings or dinners in the future or invite guests to sign a tablecloth of well-wishes to the bride and groom. Your guest book doesn’t have to be a traditional “book” – you can think outside the box and make it more fun and interactive for everyone involved.

BONUS – In addition to disposable cameras at each table, include a small, decorated photo album with notecards and a pen. Leave a note asking your guests to write greetings or well-wishes on the cards and put them into the album. After the party is over, you can include the photos taken by guests with the notecards for a unique memory book.

#8 – The Music
When it comes to hiring someone to play the wedding reception music on your special day, make sure that you can give the DJ or band a playlist of your favorite songs. Reception staging ideas include choosing special songs for your parents, married siblings and any other special guests that you can invite onto the stage for their own special dance. By including songs that mean so much to others, you show them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them attending your wedding.

BONUS – Make sure to include fun songs that everyone of all ages will enjoy dancing to at your wedding reception in Milford, MA. The “chicken dance” is an all-time favorite, but make sure to include some slow songs, some wild-and-crazy songs, some kid-friendly songs and any other genre that your guests will appreciate.