Creating a Checklist for a Massachusetts Wedding Reception

checklist-for-receptionIs a wedding in your future? Did you know that most couples plan their weddings 12-16 months in advance? There are a lot of reasons for this, especially with regard to making sure that the place where they want to host their wedding reception in the Boston area is available. If you are ready to start planning your Milford wedding reception to host after your New England wedding in the South Coast area, make sure to contact the venue first before you make any other concrete plans. You will want to make sure that your desired date is open and that you put down a deposit for your ceremony and Massachusetts wedding reception.

Getting Started: Making Plans
The first thing you should do is to create a wedding folder or a binder. Some couples prefer to keep information online and store a backup in a data cloud, but having a printed book in hand can be a real lifesaver. This is a great place to store contracts, proposals, photos of venues and clippings from magazines that you want to incorporate into your special day. A lot of planning can go into a typical New England wedding, so the sooner you get started, the better. If you aren’t sure where to get started and are looking for ideas, check into magazines, such as bridal, fashion, lifestyle, food and even gardening or florist publications.

If you are working with a wedding planner for your Milford wedding reception, make sure to express all of your interests and ideas clearly. Create a budget and make sure that you stick to it. Include all of the aspects and special features that you want included at your Massachusetts wedding reception. Cover everything from the costs associated with choosing a reception hall to decorations, ordering the wedding cake to planning a menu, and everything in between. Once you nail down the location for your wedding reception in the Boston area, everything else will start to fall into place.

Start creating a guest list for the ceremony and the reception as soon as possible. This will help you know the approximate head count for each venue so you will know if you have enough room. The cost for a Massachusetts wedding reception is determined by the number of guests, so you will be given a cost per person that you will then multiply by each person at your wedding. This includes the bride, the groom, the wedding party and any family members who will be attending in addition to the guests who will receive formal invitations.

Choosing Vendors: Setting Contracts
The next phase of planning your New England wedding should be to start choosing vendors and creating contracts for your special day. Once you are finished choosing a reception hall and put down the deposit, you can start contacting DJs, bands, cake bakers, decorators and any other type of service that you are going to use for your ceremony and Massachusetts wedding reception. Make sure that each vendor is aware of the location for your Milford wedding reception and that they will have all of the tools and space that they need to perform the services that you need.

Vendors that you will need to contact include:

  • entertainment – DJ, live band, musicians, etc.
  • photographers, videographers or photo booth services
  • florist for centerpieces, bouquets and flowers for the bridal party
  • officiant – pastor, Justice of the Peace or other authorized person
  • caterers, bakers or other food and beverage services
  • event planner, decorators and other specialized service providers

Don’t ever just do a verbal contract with a vendor. Make sure to have something in writing. Even if the vendor doesn’t do written contracts, consider consulting with an attorney to ensure that you create a contract that will protect you. Wedding insurance is also something that can be purchased to cover you in the event of anything that might go wrong on your big day. With as much money that gets spent on the average wedding in America, it is a smart idea to protect everything that goes into your Massachusetts wedding reception and ceremony.

Going Over the Details
The next phase is to get all of the details for your ceremony and wedding reception in the Boston area. Purchase the dress, send the groom and groomsmen out for tuxedos, pick out the dresses for your bridesmaids and get everyone fitted and ready. Consider reserving a block of hotel rooms for any guests that are coming in from out of town to your Milford wedding reception. Speak with the event coordinator at The Crystal Room about any recommendations for hotels, vendors and anything else that you haven’t already set in stone.

Order the invitations and make sure to register for gifts at three retailers minimum. Make plans for your honeymoon, transportation to and from the ceremony and to and from the reception, pick out an alternative outfit for the reception or for when you leave the reception to head out on your honeymoon – basically all of the details that you haven’t figured out yet at this point need to be sorted out. Make a list in your wedding book so you won’t forget something important like going for a ring fitting or purchasing a veil and shoes. Make plans for the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and any other pre-wedding celebrations.

Contact The Crystal Room in Milford, MA
If you are planning a New England wedding and wedding reception in the Boston area, contact The Crystal Room to start planning a beautiful Milford wedding reception. Our team of event coordinators can help you with everything from choosing a reception hall for your Massachusetts wedding reception to picking the menu, setting up the bar, decorating the hall and everything in between. Give us a call today at 508-478-7800 to check on availability or to schedule a tour of our facility.