Cupcake Towers and Other Dessert Ideas for Milford Brides

Some brides choose to skip out on the whole traditional wedding cake idea and choose to serve their guests something different. There are lots of different reasons for wanting to try something new for your wedding reception in Milford. Whether you simply don’t like wedding cake or if you just want something that will stand out beyond simple white cake and white frosting, you aren’t alone. Choosing to use unconventional wedding dessert ideas has become another way for brides to customize and personalize their wedding day.

America has embraced the cupcake in recent years like never before. There are no competition shows for cupcake bakers on television and cute little cupcake boutiques are popping up everywhere from Boston to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Choose from a wide variety of sizes that range from mini to mega; select just about any flavor combination under the sun; and immerse yourself in a world of decorations, colors and accessories designed to match any wedding theme you can imagine. You can even have your cupcakes served on a special layered tier to look just like a wedding cake, allowing you and your groom to still “cut the cake” without having to deal with a huge, messy confection. A large cupcake tower costs a fraction of what it would cost for a similarly sized three to five tier traditional wedding cake.

Cake Pops
Another rage that has been taking the country by storm are cute little balls of cake, dipped into frosting and decorated in a number of cute ways before being served on a stick. Unique serving methods include cake pops designed to look like flowers served stuck into foam-filled flower pots or other wedding theme matching decorations. They are fun to make, serve and eat – negating the need for dessert plates and silver, and allowing your guests to snack on dainty bites of wedding cake all night long.

Serving pies to guests at your wedding reception hall is another great alternative to traditional wedding dessert ideas. Depending on the season of your wedding, choose from fruit-filled pies to cream pies, custard pies to cheesecake or a combination of your favorites served on a huge display. Mini pies are also very popular, making it easy for guests to pick out a couple of options and try out different tastes. Tiny tarts are also a hit at wedding receptions and are a flavorful alternative to a heavy, sugar-laden traditional wedding cake.

Why not? It’s your wedding! Create a cookie bar filled with trays of your favorite gourmet cookies. Choose traditional chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies and pair them up with alternative tastes, such as white chocolate-macadamia, oatmeal-cranberry, butterscotch, fancy decorated sugar cookies and much more. Don’t forget to serve your cookies alongside hot coffee, cocoa, ice cold milk and other beverages to wash them all down. Consider having custom bride and groom sugar cookies made or cookies decorated with your wedding date and names on them for extra personalization and fun.

Ice Cream
An ice cream bar is another great way to offer up a cool dessert to your guests, particularly in the spring and summer months. Offer a wide variety of toppings and let guests customize their own cones or bowls of ice cream. Include fresh whipping cream, sprinkles, nuts and cherries to ensure everyone gets something they want. A great alternative to traditional wedding cake, just make sure you provide lots of napkins to keep things neat and clean at the wedding reception hall.

Chocolate Fountain
While the popularity of this party favorite may have peaked a few years ago, it is still a great interactive way to serve dessert to your guests for a memorable wedding reception. Serve fresh strawberries and pineapple cuts, squares of pound cake or angel food cake, marshmallows, cookies and anything else you can think of to dip in the fountain of delicious chocolate. Consider white chocolate or flavored chocolate for an extra special surprise or to coordinate with your wedding colors and theme.

Dessert Buffet
Who says you have to choose just one type of dessert? Many modern brides are opting to have a dessert buffet at their wedding reception in Milford. Serve cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, pies, donuts, candy and even include that chocolate fountain. There are lots of fun alternatives to choosing a traditional wedding cake. The only limits you’ll need to consider are your budget and your own imagination.