Custom Wedding Packages and Their Benefits

wedding reception tableWedding planning is difficult because there are so many details. The day is a big one and it needs to be a special one. That means every little detail needs attention, but the bride may be a bit too nervous and frazzled to be able to pay attention to all of those details on her own. That is where some custom wedding packages can come in quite useful.

But what are custom wedding packages?

Basically, you can choose a wedding venue that provides you with packages that you can customize. By choosing what you want, all of the little details are taken care of by the venue. That way, the bride and groom can concentrate on such things as the honeymoon, the dress, the tux, and not so much whether or not the tables are numbered correctly.

Wedding Places

There are many wedding places to choose from in Milford, MA. You can choose an outdoor wedding, a church wedding, or one in a venue that is designed for weddings and other events. You can have the ceremony at a location of your choice and then have the reception at a venue. It is entirely up to you. Whether you have the ceremony and the reception in the same place is up to you. If you choose to do the reception separately, you can still opt for reception packages that include your food, numbered tables, linens, a champagne toast for the guests, and so much more. You can choose what you want the way that you want it. That is what makes the custom wedding so unique.

Just make sure that everything is planned to fit within the time allotted for the event. For instance, you can secure five hours use of the venue, which means you need to be able to plan everything to where it occurs within that five hour time. If you are having the wedding and the reception at the same venue, then you can secure that five hours for the entire event or, if you wish to have a long reception, you can use that time for the reception alone.

The Food

The food is very important and can be a part of wedding packages. You will want to do a complimentary food tasting so that you can choose what you want on your menu. You can very easily end up with a four course plated meal that your guests will remember for a very long time. It is just good to taste the food first rather than choosing a menu without tasting. The reason is because, while the food may look great, it may not suit your palate. Everyone has different tastes, so not everything is going to appeal to everyone. Basically, you are speaking for your guests, but the bride and groom’s decision should be what matters. Think about what your guests are like and what they may like. Being that they are your friends and family, you should not have an issue


You can also check with the wedding venue about wedding packages that include entertainment. The venue most likely has some bands that they work with often, which means that there is going to be a portfolio for you to review. You can choose the type of music you want and then choose a band or other form of entertainment that can accommodate your requests.

Videography and Photography

Videography and photography are important parts of a wedding because they commemorate the day. Some wedding places can include these in the wedding packages, but you can choose your own if you have your own in mind. It is totally up to you. That is what makes custom wedding packages “custom-“ you can do whatever you wish or do what you need to in order to adhere to your wedding budget.

If you are looking to get the most for your money, choosing a venue that has custom wedding packages available can save you money. Doing so can also save you a great deal of time so that you are not having to run around doing everything yourself. Planning a wedding should be a joyous occasion for the bride and groom rather than a highly stressful one. By knowing what you want and how to get it, you can reduce that stress a great deal.


If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue, The Crystal Room can help you. We have custom wedding packages available to help you plan your big day without all of the stress. To learn more, call us at 508-478-7800 or fill out our contact form and someone from The Crystal Room will call you.