Decoration Ideas for Wedding Reception Hall in Massachusetts

Decoration Ideas Milford Wedding ReceptionWhile most wedding receptions have nearly all of the same elements, what distinguishes them is the decor. If you are looking for wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket or the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area, start with a theme. The style or theme that you choose for your wedding can help you stay on track. Whether you select seasonal wedding colors or incorporate a design style that reflects your personality as a couple, it provides direction. Trends come and go, but the theme that you choose for your wedding will become a part of your memories for your special day.

When choosing a wedding reception hall in Massachusetts, make sure that there is enough room for you and your guests. Beyond that, the nice the venue, the less you will need to spend on decorations. In fact, some locations are nearly perfect without requiring much on your part. A few personal touches here and there, combined with your wedding flowers, cake, and other centerpieces, and you’ll have a beautiful wedding in no time. Planning a wedding reception in the Boston area can be overwhelming, but a theme will help you stay focused.

Simple Wedding Decorations

Some of the best decorations for a wedding reception are simple and cheap. One of the best ways to create a beautiful glow for your celebration is to use white Christmas lights. Hang them from the ceiling, place them around tables, use them around the cake, and put them around centerpieces. This is a better choice than expensive LED candles, and most venues do not allow real candles, due to fire code restrictions. Ribbons are also low in cost and are very easy to use when adding seasonal wedding colors to your reception. Tie them around bouquets, use in centerpieces, and incorporate just about anywhere in the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts.

Other simple ideas can include materials from the local craft store. Make wreaths, create your own centerpieces, use fabric, and add doilies to create a touch of elegance. Most stores will have a wide selection in a variety of colors, making it easy to include your wedding colors in every bit of the decor. Think about your theme and use different textures to really help your wedding reception ideas in Woonsocket to really pop. Ask the venue about any rules about decorations for the hall, just to make sure you don’t try to add something that you shouldn’t. As you purchase decorations, create a photo journal of each piece, including how and where you want it to be displayed.

Focus on the Tables

Your guests will check out everything at the wedding reception hall in Massachusetts but will spend the most time looking at table decor. The guest tables, wedding party table, sweetheart table, food table, cake table, guest book table – there are tons of tables to decorate. Think about everything and include all of your ideas for a wedding reception in the Boston area in your table settings. Seasonal wedding colors, themes, and styles should all be a part of the process. A beautiful table setting can be simple, yet elegant when you carefully incorporate your wedding theme into the arrangement.

Centerpieces should not be so large that guests cannot see over them to have conversations. If you want to invite guests to take centerpieces home after the event, make sure to include a note. On the other hand, if you are putting out personal pieces that you do not want to lose, post a note on the table regarding that as well. You don’t want to lose your great-grandmother’s antique vase or have something equally special go missing. There are a lot of “hands” helping to set-up and break-down your wedding reception, so make sure your important items are protected.

Use Photos as Decor

Another great way to make your wedding even more personal is to use photographs to enhance the decorations. Framed photos in the style of your wedding theme, featuring the bride and groom, are lots of fun for everyone. Baby pictures, childhood memories, first dates, engagement photos, and even professional photos of the couple will work. Just in case any photos disappear and go home with guests, make sure to put out copies of images and not originals. You don’t want to spend weeks tracking down photos after your wedding reception in the Boston area. Some couples never see their important photos or decorations again, as guests take them home thinking they are keepsakes.

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